Monday, April 19, 2010

I interupt this sewing blog to bring you news about our new baby!

Wilbur practices his snobby 'I'm too good for everyone' look.

He loves the color orange.
He told me so!

When we move onto the boat we're hoping to have Wilbur trained to go potty on a mat. We would like to think he's young enough to learn.

This mat is supposed to be Wilbur's port-a-potty. But with the warm sun on that black background, he had other ideas!!

The futon was to be "paws off" to all poochies.

But it only took one day for me to walk in on this!

Hans, who outweighs Wilbur by about 240 pounds, said Wilbur wouldn't allow himself to be pushed off!

I was trying to make a floor pillow for Wilbur and I discovered that he likes to sew too! Chlorox (who is not at all happy with this newcomer) jealously watched from our bed as Wilbur wiggled all over his fabric.

Wiggling on fabric is her job!

Here's his floor cushion made from left over Steeler fleece.

All I know is, Wilbur's a lot better looking than Ben on any given day, and a lot nicer too!!

Can you see the smoldering eyes of an unhappy kitty cat??

A truce?

Maybe, maybe not!


Katie Alender said...

Oh, what a cutie! Look at him all curled up with Hans. He's going to be the happiest, most loyal dog! It looks like he's in heaven.

becki-c said...

Very cute, but Chlorox needs some attention!

Cyndi said...

He is such a pretty puppy...I bet he's going to be one gorgeous dog! Captain Chlorox better whip her 1st Mate into shape before you all set sail...You realize that you and Hans are just going to be the deck hands, right? :o)



Schwang said...

Hmm...writing on fabric was Clorax's job. He looks so happy in his new home! And now think of all the different sewing projects you can do now!

laura said...

Katie, this dog is a nut, and already has Hans wrapped around his little finger.

Becki, I feel so sorry for Chlorox. She's camping out in the bedroom and we're keeping Wilber out. She talks up a storm when we go in there and sleeps tight against me each night.

Cyndi, if Captain Chlorox had her way she'd put Wilbur in the brig the first chance she could!

Schwang, I've already made him two cushions (one was a waste of time since he's taken over the futon!) and of course there will be coats, maybe boots...

Talisa said...

Pitt Bulls make the best dogs! They have so much personality and they work so hard to make their owners happy! They make the best lap dogs. And who could resist their smiles! I have a pit/lab mix and she has the best of both breeds! Wishing you the best with your new baby--oh also I noticed you are using a harness. When he gets bigger you may want to look into getting a gentle leader--they work wonders with these very strong dogs! You can check me out at

laura said...

Talisa, we use one of those on Duncan (my daughter's dog) but we may always have to use a harness on Wilbur. He suffered damage to his throat and they don't want him wearing a collar yet, if ever.

TE said...

Admiral Laura, Sir! Please, PLEASE remember to get Chlorox and Wllber their life jackets before casting off! Even if the Countess has been on sea duty before, with Wilber, the vibes will change. The newer models of life jackets aren't hugely bothersome to the critters, and.... well, the whole "life" thing is self explanatory.

Thanks for rescuing Wilber. Now you and he have made me cry twice, but the second time was wonderful!

laura said...

TE, Believe me, Wilbur won't ever set foot on deck without a life jacket! Chlorox can have one too but she'll probably never use it as she's terrified of the outdoors (but just in case...) And I'm sorry I made you cry!!

Mary Witzl said...

He is cute, but my heart goes out to your cat! I hope they eventually become friends -- I have seen that happen.

We went to a dog show today -- a bit of a coincidence, as we NEVER go to dog shows!

laura said...

Mary, I fear Chlorox will never be Wilbur's friend as she's very picky. Wilbur on the other hand is very social and sits politely while he tilts his head at her.
It's a bit stressful!