Thursday, April 15, 2010

The delicate process of naming a blog

I swear, I think picking out names for my kids was a hell of a lot easier than coming up with a name for our sailing blog.

I want the blog's name to reflect Hans' and my life aboard our boat.

And so far we can't seem to agree on anything.

'Dumb and Dumber' has already been taken.

'Hans and Laura's Excellent Adventure' might not be so Excellent, and once again it's been kinda sorta taken.

There are tons of nautical terms to choose from but we really need to be careful. We probably shouldn't refer to Davy Jones' Locker or things like the Poseidon Adventure.

I'm leaning toward "Seasickness" as we must really be sick to be doing this.

Hans isn't so sure, and I have to admit that this is where the difference in our personalities really shows up. I'm going for the humorous vein and in some cases Hans doesn't quite get it. We also wonder if we should use our boat's name which is The Knotty Cat.

This is the least of our worries right now but it's really working on my mind!!!

Any ideas anyone??



Amy said...

I really like Seasickness. It shows your humorous side.

laura said...

Aha, one point for me!

Debbie Cook said...

I really like Seasickness too, because it could be both good or bad - depending on how you use it. A sickness FOR (good) the sea, or sick OF (bad!) the sea.

Sewfast said...

I love Seasickness, but then I totally get and enjoy your humor! The name of your boat also makes a good title...

Anonymous said...

What about The Knotty Cat Tales - I'm sure you will come up with something fitting. . . have fun and stay safe. Bev in PA

Schwang said...

I like the name of the boat too. Then there would be sure to have lots of Clorax references I'm hoping.

laura said...

Thank you everyone for the input so far! Hans is very much leaning toward Knotty Cat Tales, and I like it too. Thanks Bev!!!!
I only wish I could make something work with the Seasickness angle.
Hmmm, I'll have to think this over.

Cyndi said...

Well, I have been racking my allergy-laden, headachey brain all day and can't come up with anything better, so I cast my vote for....Seasickness or Knotty Cat Tales! LOL They are both great!



Anonymous said...

- okay, what about "The Knotty Cat Tales - from seasickness and sewing - to where ever the winds blowing"
LOL - this is fun and I sound really silly now. Bev in PA

Ken n Cheryl said...

Another vote for Knotty Cat Tales.