Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes Virginia, Laura still owns a sewing machine!!

I've had this pattern lying around for a bit and I finally decided it was time to put it to use. I made view B (the striped one on the envelope) and used some of the remaining fabric I bought when we were in Ireland last year.

I realize that a more distinct contrast between the main fabric, and the top and bottom fabric would have made a nicer bag, but it's too late now!

Unfortunately I cut the handles out before reading the instructions.

Honest to God, talk about a convoluted ring-around-the rosy, no walk in the park, unbelievably stupid way to make simple purse straps!!!!!!!!!

It's no wonder people who've never sewn before, quit after working with crap like that!

But anyway, here's the front (or the back).

And the back (or the front).

A close up of the bottom detail.

The pattern didn't call for any type of closure but I went ahead and added a magnetic snap.

This is the inside with a simple pocket.

And did you really think I'd let you get away without a picture of Wilbur?

I think Hans and I are finally past the "Oh my God he's so cute, get the camera and take a picture!" stage.

He is adorable.

He is smart.

He is polite.

Chlorox hates him.

Tomorrow he goes to the vet to get an ouchy (inoculation) but I have a feeling he'll love the attention.

You can bet my next post will be all about him.


Schwang said...

I love his ear pose.

laura said...

Schwang, that's his coy pose and it's only one picture among about a hundred (so far)!

Cyndi said...

Your bag turned out really the fabrics. And I know what you mean about those sewing patterns - I couldn't read one to save my life, that's why I make my own! And...of course, Wilbur is just too, too cute! Give him a hug for me for his upcoming ouchie!



gwensews said...

Adorable purse! Love that unusual fabric!

Shirley said...

What great fabric! Your purse looks really good.