Friday, March 12, 2010

Just what I didn't need.

I didn't need to get this picture sent via Vet Tech Girl's phone last night when I was already feeling very low!

This 9 week old Pit Bull puppy has a smashed orbital bone and a torn ear. This is thanks to the idiotic owners locking him into a laundry room with a pregnant Pit Bull who is very unsociable.

They thought he would be company!

Can you see his IV line.

Anyway the receptionist had hysterics when she learned the owners were just going to take it home and see if it could survive on it's own. Vet Tech Girl jumped into the fray and the puppy is now at the clinic being treated in hopes that a new home can be found.

It's bill will need to be paid too.

Vet Tech Girl thought I would be happy to adopt it but I just can't take on a dog right now. We travel too much and we want to move onto the boat and Pit Bulls have far too much energy for that kind of situation. I've no doubt someone will take him but I'd just like to know when this poor breed will stop being exploited. You know damned well this is just another case of back yard breeders taking advantage of idiots who want Pit Bulls yet have no idea of the responsibility involved!

Anyway, he's a big 9 week old puppy with a very sweet personality and I've no doubt he'll make a wonderful companion. I just hope the clinic is very choosy as to who gets him.

He deserves the best!


BeeBee said...

Oh, poor puppy. What happened to him?

laura said...

I'm tryiing to finish the post and having some problems!!

Cyndi said...

OMG! That's despicable! It makes me so angry when I hear of ANY animal being mistreated. Honestly, some people should never be allowed to own pets. And you are so right...people who have NO idea what they are doing should not be allowed near a breed like a Pit Bull. I think they are great dogs that require special training and care; when they go rogue, it's usually because of the STUPID people that own them!

That poor, sweet puppy. I sure hope he heals well. Does your daughter blog? I know of a woman who has a cat with special needs and she blogs about him...she accepts donations for his care because she's a student and can't afford all of his medical expenses. People donate LOTS to her cause...perhaps your daughter could do the same thing. There are a lot of animal lovers out in blogland! All she'd need is a PayPal account. I'd donate! :o)

Please keep up posted on the little guy!



Argi said...


Angelia said...

How sad... but a pit bull would be no fun on a boat! you're right about that! I'm sure he will hind a great home!

laura said...

Cyndi, my daughter doesn't have a blog but I wish she did as she writes really well!
What's really sad is this puppy is one of the least beat up looking pets they get at the clinic. Some of the things she's described to me are horrific.

Schwang said...

That's so sad. I'm glad he was taken out of that home. Hopefully he will be able to find a good home. It's a good thing we don't live closer...I keep finding all these great dogs, but I know we can't be 3 pitties in the city.

laura said...

Schwang, I've told my daughter that when my life is a little more stable, I will be more than glad to take in animals that need homes!!! And unfortunately there will never be a shortage of neglected animals.

Katie Alender said...

Aww, poor little guy. People are so stupid and heartless sometimes!

TE said...

Without sounding creepy, does Vet Tech Girl have a checking account? Setting up paypal is easy, and you don't need a web page to accept donations. Cyndi, who commented earlier, could simply go onto paypal and push money into Vet Tech Girl's paypal account by knowing the correct email address for the account.

The instructions on the site are simple to follow. She's a smart girl with a smart mom; you'll manage. If not, leave a comment and we'll get in touch on a more personal level. Humans, for the most part, are awful. You, your daughter, people who get cats from the pound - are few and TOO far between.

Sorry for such a long comment. I'll donate, too.

laura said...

TE, thanks so much for your concern! I myself have donated to doggie causes but they've all been what I call above board. I've seen 'donate' buttons at some sites (completely different blogs) that have left me wondering. What I do know is that if someone wants to adopt an abused or abandonded animal where my daughter works, the vets would like the bill to be paid by the adoptee. I can ask my daughter if the Vet Clinic accepts donations for these poor creatures and if so what the protocol is. I would never want any money to filter through us! I'll keep everyone posted.
I do have to say that Vet Tech Girl says that as tough as her bosses can be, the owner will never turn away an animal that needs care.

TE said...

If the clinic has a web site, maybe they could put a donate button there? On a lighter note, I'm having a "sew in" with my kitties' vet tomorrow! He's (yes, he's) learning to sew to make clothes for his little girl! Too funny.

laura said...

TE, I did find a link on the website of the clinic where my daughter works that takes you to a donation page. Anyway, the donations are for things like blood supplies to be kept on site, one time assistance help for people who are faced with unexpected and expensive care etc... However my daughter says she doesn't think they'll accept dontations to just one particular animal. In the end, I guess there are always going to be animals who need help, and any donation made anywhere, will be appreciated.
And a man who sews? If I didn't have Hans, I'd want his number!!!