Monday, March 1, 2010

Updates: Sewing, and Life

I did cut out two purses today.

One of them will be out of these. These being two place mats and you wouldn't believe the finagling I had to go through to get all my pieces to fit! Wow.

The other purse will be from these tea towels.

Luckily there was more fabric to work with and I didn't have to turn myself inside out with this one.

Baby Girl has a turquoise and brown dress and I'm hoping she'll like one of these.

But I'm not counting on it.

So tomorrow I head back to my little swamp town because:

#1 I have some business back there that needs to be tended to.

#2 Baby Girl wants me to take her to lunch.

#3 I'm going to my parents' house to celebrate my birthday. My 50th birthday.

I could probably fill a thousand pages about why this birthday is bothering me. But I'm not going to.

Like Hans said, "The alternative could be a hell of a lot worse."

And he's right!


Sewfast said...

Happy birthday Laura...I hope it turns out to be not as bad as you expect. I thought it would be a bad one when I turned 50 last year, but it really was a great day. I did as I damn well pleased, and isn't that how it should always be? Now I have to figure out what shenanigans to pull for 51!

Schwang said...

I do like that fabric. Have a great birthday!

Angelia said...

Happy B-day!!!!

Cyndi said...

Hey Laura, Happy Birthday! I think you'll find it's not so bad. I just turned 53 a few weeks ago, and it hasn't bothered me a bit. The only birthday that has actually bothered me was when I turned 35. Why? Who knows! LOL Anyway, Hans is right, the alternative sucks.

Just enjoy and live life to the fullest!!



P.S. Like those fabrics.

Shirley said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to this side of 50!

gwensews said...

Happy 50th! And many more!

BeeBee said...

Happy Birthday, I hope you had at least one piece of cake before the evil Clorox swiped it off the counter. My dog (now a 10 year old Dobe) ate an entire cake as a puppy. My son was sooo mad.
I can't replace your cake, but I can suggest you go to
Seriously, you won't be sorry. But I am not responsible for frosting out your nose.

TE said...

Hi there, Me and Barbie left 50 behind last year. It's easy - 50 is great. You are so upbeat and funny, and I wish I had the "cleaning" ability. At least I have the "sewing" ability and a sense of humor and can appreciate you. All 50 fab years of you. And 51 of me.

laura said...

TE, Actually the cleaning ability ends at my front door! Just like the cobbler's kids who have no shoes, we don't have a very clean apartment!!!