Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here's to the US Hockey Team!!!! We Want Gold!!

I think I finally resolved my blogger issues from last night. When will I learn not to mess with my layout and settings while holding a glass full of bourbon! My pictures now look like pictures and not code!

Oh, it's getting tense in our little apartment here in The Big City! That's because the U.S is getting ready to kick some Canadian butt in the Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Game.

You see, I'm still upset that the Canadian Girl's Hockey Team made our U.S. Girl's Hockey Team cry when they took the Gold and left us with the Silver.

Hans however being the German Born Green Card Carrying Canadian Citizen that he is, is quietly rooting for Canada.

Quietly (or else!).

The animules are very excited and now that curling is over they held their own hockey game.

In goal waaay over on the far left is the draft horse, and on the far right, one of the lions.

Sweden was the right winger.

And Beaver was the defense man. Just try to get past those teeth!

I love the Beaver and imitate him all the time (I used to have Buck Teeth in high school. Not fun!).

Look how focused the coach is. She's warning the spectators that she won't put up with any nonsense!

Now she can finally concentrate on the game.

So I'm off to put duct tape across Hans' mouth and watch the game.

Go U S A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One must look one's best, especially on Hi-Def!


Kathi D said...

Well, at least the stuffies had fun!

Cyndi said...

Boo hoo, we didn't win! When the U.S. tied it up, I was so excited, but unfortunately it just wasn't to be. We'll get 'em in 2014!

All those little animals would last about 1 minute at my house...Noah just can't stand for any stuffed animal to be stuffed! :O|



Princess said...

I can't remember if I came over to say hi and thanks for stopping by Princess's blog!! She loves new friends!

If I didn't already mention it, her grandma made the fleece coat for her before her first ski trip in 2008 and since we keep the house a little cooler during the day and it's been so cold in Dallas lately, she's been wearing it for a few weeks now!

laura said...

Kathi, the stuffies have more fun than we do!
Cyndi, if my granddog Duncan knew about our stuffies they'd be history! That little bugger even chewed up my daughter's lap top.
Princess, I had a feeling someone must have made that coat! What a lucky pitty.