Saturday, February 6, 2010

It was a wonderful winter wonderland for about 10 seconds...

...and then reality set in when it came time to shovel it!

Dear God!! Hans lured me away from my swamp town where I lived in a Snowbelt and held down two jobs, and promised me a part time job in a mild climate.

Just call me a sucker!

Because today I shoveled more snow at one time than I ever have in 49 and 11/12 years!

This is the view of our tiny deck from our bedroom window.

This is a car across the street.

This is what these houses look like in the summer.

Here they were today.

Our lovely backyard railroad tracks in the good old summertime.

The same view last night at around 1:00 AM. That's our car on the left and our SUV on the right (see how much more snow is on them in the next picture about 8 hours later).

I was very happy to hear Vet Tech Girl slam into her apartment below us right about the time I took this picture as she'd been out all evening long with a friend.

A friend who just got a job and wanted to buy a futon at Ikea (Ikea being very far away from Vet Tech Girl's apartment).

A friend who, during this nasty storm, sideswiped a cop car while on the way to Ikea.

A friend who got screamed at by the cop whose car they hit while on their way to Ikea.

A friend whose car wasn't current with inspection.

A friend whose gas tank was on empty.

A friend who never got to Ikea and took hours to get Vet Tech Girl home because almost all the roads were closed and traffic was at a standstill.

Vet Tech Girl tells me she kissed her carpet when she got home. Considering the menagerie she has living with her this says alot!

Here is our car (you can barely see it to the left) and our SUV this morning.

Quite a bit of snow fell overnight. Like about two feet!

I waded through thigh high snow just to get to our vehicles and I almost didn't even try to shovel as there was absolutely nowhere to throw it. But I also knew if I didn't try we could be a week getting out of here. After a couple of hours the neighbor guy showed up and joined me. Hans came out and cleared the car and SUV (and threw snowballs at me which didn't please me a bit!).

I never got near Vet Tech Girl's car and hoped she didn't need to go to work today.

She did. One of the vets called and said, "You're coming in to work today so you better start shoveling right now." So Vet Tech Girl got out there and cleared her car but it kind of pissed me off because she never misses work. What if the neighbor hadn't joined us in our shoveling? And even after all that, we still had to push her out of her spot so she could get up the driveway. Not in a million years could she have done that on her own.

I wanted to spend my cosy snowy day sewing.

But my shoulders feel like someone threw sand in my joints.

My lower back is having spasms.

I'm limping.

But we were lucky, we never lost power, and our Internet was only out for an hour or so (although Hans nearly hyperventilated!), and we were smart enough to hit the grocery store and also stock up at liquor land yesterday!!
Tomorrow is the Superbowl and we're headed off to a friend's house to watch it. I should be okay as long as it doesn't require any physical action on my part.
Table dancing is no longer part of my repertoire!


becki-c said...

Oh you poor thing! Drama on top of snow! You are such a nice neighbor.

marysews said...

Maybe you folks need to move farther South? Away from that four-letter "S" word? Just wondering, although I do like to read your blog.

laura said...

Oh Becki, my middle name is drama!

Mary, I don't think there's anywhere in the south that hasn't been hit by this snow either, so I'm not sure where we could go!

Kathi D said...

It looks really pretty! (From HERE!)

Schwang said...

I saw the pictures and I was thinking how fun and cozy it looked, but then I realized it meant all the shoveling. Was Ikea open?

laura said...

Schwang, Ikea was open (and I have no idea how those poor employees got home) but it didn't matter as my daughter and her friend never did get there!!