Monday, February 22, 2010

A partially finished bag and ebay stuff!

Ebay first!!!!!

Here are two Orla Kiely 'reversible' place mats (the scissors are for scale). Reversible means I can tear them apart and end up with two pieces of the main print and two pieces of the scribble print.

I'm feeling extra special smart!

Future purse!

Two Orla Kiely dish towels.

In turquoise.

Future purse!

Have you seen how much her purses go for??

I'll make my own thank you very much!!!!!

A snazzy colorful Victoria Secret Bra (new without tags).
And I also received a very pretty white one with lace accents but I was so excited I immediately put it on, therefor no pictures!!!

I love VS undies (the bottoms never ride up on me) but I hate going to the store because their tiny sales associates, in their tiny black suits and perky boobs, completely scare the crap out of me!
On a different note, I hate their clothes. Cheaply made and skanky!

On to my partially finished work bag.

I had to stop at this point because it needs some fixing.

That's a flap on the front and it covers two pleated pockets. Those are okay.

Those funky looking wings on the sides are pleated pockets designed to hold my shoes.

They need an adjustment. I don't want them sticking out like Dumbo's ears so I'll fix that tomorrow.

Originally, for each side pocket, I added straps with Velcro (they were to come down from the top of the bag and attach to the inside of each pocket), and hoped that they would hold them closed when not in use.

It's just sloppy and not working for me.

But there is a fix in the works.


The front pockets are hidden by the flap that drops down over them

That's a strip of soft Velcro on the underside of the flap.

There's a strap that's sewn to the bottom of the bag (you can barely see it here as it blends into my ironing board), and it has a rough piece of Velcro on it and it comes up to meet the soft Velcro when the flap is closed.

It's situated so that it can hold the flap tight against the bag body when it's closed, or can expand when stuff is in the pockets.

So that's it for now.

Oops! Gotta go! We're getting ready to watch the Olympic Ice Dancing competition. Hans gets very emotional over the beauty of the sport, and I feel the need to critique the costumes!


Angelia said...

Theres a thought... buying VS on ebay!!! I'm off to shop....

laura said...

Angelia, uh-oh I think I smell a smoking credit card!!