Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Enough with the snow already! And yet one more purse.

I was under the impression that I'd retired my 'Snow Shovel Queen' sash when I moved south last year. But due to popular demand it's been dusted off and put back into duty. I know I should be honored but I'd really rather be done with the whole thing and just rest on my laurels (and butt)!

Since we'd been warned about the next storm (raging outside at this very moment) Hans and I went to the grocery store today and for the first time in either of our lives we saw a lot of bare shelves.

It's a very unsettling feeling.

So onto a safer subject.

Yet one more evening bag (I'm not sure why I feel the need to make so many bags from this one pattern! I guess I just like it). Instead of two handles, I made a strap. The flap on the front is one of the pattern variations.

I used a linen napkin for the body of the purse (it's from the same batch of napkins I used to make the second bag at this post). The flap, straps, and bottom are from a woven curtain panel I found at The Good Will.

It has a magnetic snap on the inside and there's supposed to be one on the flap but my snaps are very strong and I would have been yanking too hard all the time in an effort to lift it.

I just added a heavy decorative button instead and the weight of it holds the flap in place nicely.

This is the original bottom but I didn't like it so I had to rip the whole thing apart.

Here it is with a new plaid bottom and I thought since I'd added antique bronze D-rings to the strap I may as well follow up with bronze purse feet.

Some residual Super Bowl fun.

Here's Chlorox enjoying (NOT!) my glow in the dark bracelet in the form of a necklace.

Oh, look!!! Her eyes glow too!

Such a pretty kitty.

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Kathi D said...

I must admit I am very happy to be completely ignorant of snow shoveling.

And nice bag!