Saturday, February 13, 2010

No gold medal for me but I'll settle for honorable mention!

With Valentine's Day occurring tomorrow, and our being invited to our friends' (for what appears to be an annual event) I thought I just might whip me up a sweetheart of a purse.
Well, I had good intentions anyway.

I was once again perusing the Freebies for Crafters site (I've been living there these days) and I saw this cute little wristlet. Actually the basis for this wristlet is identical to the little zippered wallets I make but they just make it a little bigger and add a strap.
This is where I don't get my gold medal because I didn't refer back to the exact measurements, and you can see for yourself that the zipper should be sitting higher.

Poor Betty Boop looks a bit too boxy!!!

Needless to say, she'll be spending Valentine's Day at home.


Her back view.

This has been such a hellish week in The Big City with all the snow that's just lying everywhere, and I had no desire to spend hours in traffic just to get to JoAnn's, so this was the only fabric in my stash that was even remotely Valentine's Dayish.

I'll hang on to her for awhile but I just don't see her hitting the town with me anytime soon.

I was feeling a little disappointed and then I spotted these scraps left over from my Belle Bag.

See the zipper in the bottom of the picture? A couple of years ago I ripped it out of a Salvation Army purse that I'd bought for its hardware and it's been dying to be used ever since.
It was a perfect match so I tore the rest of the old lining off and put it to new use.

So here is my finished little wallet. I'm so glad I saved that zipper!

The back is ever so cheerful!

See how well the zipper matches the interior?

I'm loving my 'matchy matchy' bag and wallet!!!

And let's not forget my orange flower Scrabble pendant from Home Studio.

And even if I don't deserve a gold medal, I'd love an honorable mention award!!


Anonymous said...

What? That Betty Boop piece is a reject? Remind me never to show you my pillowcases or the one dress I made and could never quite bring myself to throw out. Though it would have been an act of mercy...

Wish I could sew!

MaryWitzl said...

Oh...phffft! I am not Anonymous, but for some reason, I can't log in with my name!

TE said...

Betty Boop's zipper is in the most perfect place, really. I'll admit, Hans was right about the flower. However, that little wristlet is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. Please carry it today. And think of me and my hubby. He cracked up at your Elmer Fudd post - linked to it from his own FB page. It's our twenty-tooth wedding anniversawwy today.

laura said...

Mary, you will never be anonymous to me!! Did you know that you can make cute tops out of pillowcases? You could kill two birds (or two pillowcases) with one stone!

TE, Betty Boop thanks you but believe me she's not that cute! I'm very happy that your husband enjoyed Elmer Fudd (because I sure didn't!) and that story was just the tip of the iceberg, there isn't enough space in the universe to post everything that man did and said to dwive me cwazy. And last but not least, Happy Anniversawwy!!!!

Khris said...

OMG how them all....I am a BB fan but I also love that orange and brown...I just to dislike orange big time but over the last year I have had a big thing about orange and love it...well done..hugs Khris