Sunday, January 10, 2010

A finished bag, and a sneaky cat.

After breakfast today, I finished my Belle Bag (mentioned in yesterday's post). It's made from three Orla Kiely tea towels. Apparently Orla Kiely was the rage last year and somehow, I got swept up into the madness.
Actually I had no idea who the hell Orla Kiely was (if indeed Orla is/was a person) but I had just seen this particular print on someone's blog the day I walked into Target and saw these towels on a clearance rack.
So I bought them.
Talk about gullible! It's not like I even found them appealing, but if everyone else had to have them...

This bag closes with two magnetic snaps. One set is in the tab that pulls the sides in.
The other set is in the facing, as seen here.

Hans came home from his get-away ski weekend, and upon observing my latest creation, promptly asked me if it's a Halloween bag. I wasn't too surprised as it certainly does have a pumpkin look to it (I wonder if he would have asked me this if he knew I spent the previous evening watching the Crime Channel's presentation of 'Women Who Kill'?).
I do have a couple of pretty orange sweaters I could wear when carrying this, but if I only use it during October that's fine with me.
It's not like I don't have enough purses the rest of the year.
But really, I just like fun things! Life and purses don't have to be serious.

The handles are boning covered with left over fabric from a messenger bag I made for Baby Girl a year or so ago.

I use two folding card tables covered with a shower curtain, as my cutting table. Hiding underneath the curtain are three big plastic tubs full of fabric and supplies.
Last night when I realized I needed handles for this particular purse I yanked the curtain aside and found this.
Chlorox's latest hiding place!

A very bad cat caught lying on top of a whole container of fabric.
So busted!!!!

The big escape!


Kathi D said...

I love that purse! And I'm glad you didn't kill anyone (yet).

Schwang said...

I love her look of surprise, and the final escape!