Thursday, January 21, 2010

An almost dress, and my famous granddog!!

Poor Hans is having some trouble getting back home from Los Angeles and will be arriving here long after I'm asleep. And since I've been called into work tomorrow to clean two huge houses, a certain someone better not wake me up!
Originally he was supposed to stop over in Arizona.
Sixty mile an hour winds in The Grand Canyon State prevented that.
Las Vegas was the next choice, but the Prostitution is Legal State (other wise known as The Silver State) was experiencing heavy rain delays.
So he's now being flown to The Tar Heel State before catching a plane back to The Keystone State.

Where do they come up with these nicknames anyway, or am I the only person with an imagination??

On the sewing front I was able to get to JoAnn's today and purchase my invisible zipper and muslin, so I started in on Simplicity 2951. Throwing my vanity into the trash I made a size 10 top and a 12 bottom.

Now what do I mean by that last comment? It means that according to the info on the envelope my measurements are a perfect size 12, BUT normally if I were to cut a size 12 it would be miles too big. However this pattern looked suspiciously familiar so I erred on the side of caution and went ahead and cut a 12.

I've mentioned before that the sizing on Simplicity patterns can be alarming and you can be rest assured; they still are! I dug out my Simplicity 2939 which was a success and compared the skirt widths. Close enough I decided, and then whacked this out.

I probably should have added about another inch to the hip area.

It's so difficult to see in these pictures! The top of the skirt (where it meets the bodice) is supposed to be gathered.

I gathered the back but I pleated the front.

I basted the whole thing first, and I wasn't happy with the rear view (big surprise). So I ripped it apart, sewed the skirt fabric to the skirt lining, and then treated them as one.

It looked better with the weight of the lining but I still have to insert my zipper but that will have to wait until another day!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

A closer look at the top of the dress. This is a very tiny top, I would have to call it an A cup size. I will enlarge it a bit if I ever make it again.
I decided to put the zipper in the side instead of the back.

But I completely forgot to just place the back piece on the fold and now the back has an unnecessary seam.
No damage, just stupid.

Anyway we'll see how it looks after I get the zipper in, but I'm not holding my breath!

Remember this fabric?

There was quite a bit left over and the lady I made this bench seat cover for has decided she'd like me to make a purse out of it for her 2 year old daughter.

Minus the cat!

I'm going to use this evening bag pattern for it, and I think it will be adorable!

Black and white, with hot pink and lime green accents! It will certainly be a one of a kind bag for a future diva!

I still have to go back to her place to get the fabric so this isn't going to get sewn for a couple of weeks.

Last but not least, my granddog 'Duncan Delicious' made it onto Pitter Patter again!!!

He's so cute!!
Actually this picture was taken over a year ago at Thanksgiving and our poor boy was kept outside on the porch because Kissy Pooh (my mother's pathetic doberman) couldn't handle the stress of another dog in the house (read; someone didn't want to share table scraps!).

So this was the pitiful face we saw peering through the door every time we went to check on him!!!!
Update: Hans just phoned to say he's now in North Carolina (that darned old Tar Heel State) and he'll be home sometime around midnight.
I did confuse him a bit when I answered the phone, "Pretty Kitty Hot Line!"
Hey! Chlorox dared me!
But that Hans is a big stinker! When he hung up he told me to get back to work!


BeeBee said...

Good luck on the dress. Is one of the reasons you think you need more room in the skirt is the seam allowance you had to take on the back piece when you didn't place it on the fold?
Hope Hans make it home from the Tar Heel state without having to go through the state of depression, though the whole trip sent me into a state of confusion.

laura said...

Beth, the seam was part of the skirt already since the zipper would have been there, so that's not the problem. It's just a case of big butt syndrome on my part. And I will not say anything about you and The Great State of Confusion as I'm too nice!!

Schwang said...

Duncan is a celebrity! He looks so intense. Does he have an over-attention problem also?

laura said...

Schwang, actually he has a no attention problem! But he wanted in the house so badly that everytime we peered out at him, he came to immediate attention, hoping against hope that this would be it!

Anonymous said...

I can't write much about sewing because I don't do it though everything you make looks great to me.
I have a pit bull too and she is a big baby. She gives us those sad looks too.
I just wanted to stop by and say hi and hope you are doing well. I don't even know the nicname for my own state. It might be the Bay state.

Anonymous said...

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