Saturday, January 9, 2010

The best laid plans...

When we got up this morning (a really late, almost noon morning!) I informed Hans that I had a wild day in store for us.

First, coffee and cereal (how I slave for that man!)

Then the gym.

To be followed with a trip to the big library so that Hans could get something to read (I currently have 2 books so I'm ok).

A very necessary trip to the grocery store (toilet paper!). Together. At the same time!

All of this would be followed up, back at the apartment with big bowls of left over beef stew!

Then Hans' cell phone rang and all my plans went to hell in a hand basket.

"Let's go skiing for the weekend!" Hans' friends cried.

And throwing my plans to the wind, Hans couldn't gather up his ski equipment fast enough. He even went so far as to reschedule the huge on-line poker game that he won a chance to play in. Now to understand how important these poker games are to Hans; I could stand in front of him, frantically waving my arms all the while choking on a thousand chicken bones, and he would say, "Can you wait just a second? There's this big bully from Romania who has no idea how to play poker and I think I finally have him beat! He's put me all in for the last time and..."

Anyway, I think you get the picture.

So while Hans went skiing, I ended up cutting out a Belle Bag from a couple of dish towels.

Here are the main pieces of the body of the bag.

The green pieces are the lining.

I had sewn the main bag together when I remembered I would need these important things called 'handles'.

I have a loop of boning attached to the top of the bag to see how a fabric handle might look, in addition to the handles lying beside it.

Tomorrow I'll make my decision.

Since a certain someone went skiing, I went to Liquor Land and found this.

A bottle of Tempra Tantrum wine.

Hans called me after arriving at his friend's condo at the ski lodge and I told him about my find.

I informed him that this would be the perfect wine for me to drink during PMS.

He asked me if this was a fire that really needed more fuel!

We'll just find out, won't we!


WoolenSails said...

You made me laugh, men;)
I can't drink anymore with my allergies, maybe that is my problem, lol.


Katie Alender said...

Oh my gosh! I love the design of that bag! And two lashes with a wet noodle for Hans. Abandoning you, with only your sewing machine and a pattern and some fabric and some wine... actually, that sounds like a fair trade!