Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A re-purpose project, a cat, and a plea.

One of the women I clean for asked if I could please refashion the bumper pads from her daughter's crib into a bench seat cover.

Sure! No problem.

It wasn't, but I seriously underestimated the time involved.

It took a whole evening to rip out all the seams and yank the pink ties off.

Then I sewed everything back together (with a little help from my friend).

I was able to pull the batting apart thus spreading it into one big sheet. I did this to two of the pads and then laid one top of the other. This kept the pad nice and thick. I didn't want to butt the narrow pads together because I figured they would shift and separate over time.

Here is the striped side of the new cushion.

And the cutesy side.

Aha! Guess who appeared out of nowhere and flung herself onto the finished product!

Those pink bows were a an absolute pain in the butt to make. I cut 1 inch strips from the pink ties that came with the pads, stitched the long edge and then spent an eternity turning them right side out. They were then tied into bows and sewn onto the pad.

I positively guarantee you that if I made a cushion for Chlorox she would totally ignore it.

But since this isn't for her...

I'm not sure how well you can see this but there are 8 yo-yos (sp?) sewn onto this side. Once again I ripped those pink ties apart and spent yet one more night making the stupid things.

You can see them a little bit better here.

This cat is such a huge part of my life, it's a little scary. I've had her for 13 years now so I think she's around 14 or so. And what's even worse is she's the closest thing to a female friend that I have!
I kid you not!

Now for my plea. Michael Vick has recently been nominated by the Philadelphia Eagles to receive an award for courage.
I personally don't think anyone, who willingly participated in torturing innocent animals (and so many of them are still being rehabilitated), is worthy of receiving any kind of award let alone one for courage. I could say tons more about this but I'll stop here.
I signed a petition protesting this award and you can too if you want. I found it here at One Pibble's Wish.
I would like to think our opinion really counts.


Schwang said...

The Countess Clorox makes a great assistant; she models the products just like the ladies of Price is Right.

laura said...

I've always given my pets human attributes, and I've always compared Chlorox to a dumb blond. But the Price is Right comparison is even better.