Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

And I mean cold! Around 9 degrees here in The Big City. I thought I was escaping this kind of weather when I made my slight move south, but I have a feeling I brought it with me!

That's okay though because this means I'll stay indoors and sew.

Here's project #1:

Nicole Mallalieu's Baguette. It's listed as advanced and I have to say that yes, it's not for beginners.

The gusset (the part that connects the front and back) is not the easiest thing to sew but I finally got there. I've reviewed it here in case you're interested in sewing it.

Here's the back. This is the fabric I bought when we were in Dublin this summer. I've been waiting for the right pattern to come along.

The inside with a patch pocket.
If I make this again (and I will) I'm going to add a zippered gusset to the top instead of a snap in the facing.
I'll just use the directions from The Day Bag.

Here's that darned old gusset (the striped part that goes around the bag). It looks good, and Nicole is a wonderful drafter but I really thought for a moment or two I wasn't going to be able to do it.

I got extra smart with myself and used the paint program that came with my computer. If this picture won't enlarge, I've circled the side of the bag and added a comment so you can see where I sewed a small piece of boning. I was afraid the bag would collapse when the flap was closed and I wanted it to stay stiff. I sewed the boning into the seam allowance between the front and back of the bag, and it worked very well. Of course I did this on the other side too!

No, Hans and I don't hold hands all day long! He was busy at his computer so I was using the timer on my camera. However, Hans being Hans... well, I had to grab his hand because he's a big stinker!
That's why I'm laughing, but I didn't laugh when I saw how fat I look in this outfit!
We are all bundled up because of the cold.
I'm sure that's why I look fat! (I wonder where all the Christmas cookies went?).

Purse # 2.
Nicole's Evening Bag.
I made this from two linen napkins.
In order to get full use of the pretty border, I just layered a corner on each side of the bag.
They actually create a sort of pocket. Not a secure pocket, but a pocket none the less.

Here is a side view.

And the hard bottom. This is a wide purse so even though it's small, it holds a lot!

Busted!! The camera caught me trying to tickle the back of Hans' neck.
And damn! I still look fat.

Look at this face.
Chlorox is all dolled up and ready to paint the town red with her new purse.
Apparently her date is late.
Poor guy, I wouldn't want to be him!


Audrey said...

I love both of your purses. The first one for it's quirky bird print and the second for the clever use of the linen napkins. Cold weather is a good time to sew!

BeeBee said...

Ok, I LOVE that first bag. really a cute use of the fabric. Glad you got the gusset to work, it would have been a shame no to finish that one.
Notice I'm not showing any personal photos in my blog recently. There are some missing cookies around our house, as well.

Claire said...

You really are good at sewing bags. I want to attempt that once I'm done with baby stuff. I have some cute fabric I've been saving for some nice summer bags. That bird fabric is too cute - and how clever are you to use linen napkins for a bag!

And you don't look fat to me!

Hi to Chlorox!

KusZ - Jewelry and more said...

Oh my, I absolutely adore the birdies!!! What a fabulous purse! I want to buy it from you!!!!
Wishing you, Hans and lady Chlorox all the best for 2010!!!

Katie Alender said...

Love the bird purse! And the napkin idea is so clever.

You could just photoshop a hump on Hans's back in that last picture. ;-)

laura said...

Audrey, I've sewn more in that past week than I have in a long time (and it's not getting any warmer).

BeeBee, I would have been embarrassed and mad if I couldn't have conquered the gusset. It's a purse for God's sake!

Claire, Chlorox is under the hutch but she says hi! And I do too look fat! I've got to finish the Christmas cookies so they can't tempt me anymore!

Kim, you're very nice but that bag is MINE! I hope you feel better soon, sore throats are the worst.

Katie, I would never do that to Hans!!! And anyway, I'm no good at PhotoShop!

Schwang said...

You're so talented! Plus, what better thing to do on a freezing day than stay inside and sew. I need to pick up this type of hobby.

laura said...

Schwang, it's a fun hobby but I don't even want to know how much I've spent on it over the years!

Debbie said...

Love, love the fabric and it looks perfect with that bag. Yes, gussets can be a bear! Yours looks great.
Chlorox' linen bag is lovely, too!

Nikki said...

Love ya work, Laura! Thanks so much for your wonderful reviews, and for taking the time to write them.

And for someone who had problems with the Baguette gusset, you did a pretty good job of overcoming them!! It looks good to me!

laura said...

Nicole, I've been meaning to add your stuff to pattern review for a long time, I'm just lazy! I have to review the Day Bag next (since I've made a million of them!).