Sunday, January 17, 2010

More fabric... another purse... same old cat!

The trip to my mother's house went pretty smoothly but I ended up coming home with a paper bag full of fabric.
I don't need any more, as I'm trying to work my way through what I already have on hand, but how could I resist!

I think Chlorox was happier about it than me. Here she is, in a drunken stupor, lying on some of it.

There was quite an assortment (all in the process of being washed and dried) and I'm pretty sure some of the pieces were from my great grandmother's best friend, and I'm not kidding!

I almost left this piece behind because it was so small but it was such a cheerful print I took it anyway.
I put my scissors on it for scale.

A close up.
I've always loved orange and yellow, and here they are together in these pretty little flowers.

I was pretty sure I'd be able to squeeze an Evening Bag out of this remnant and I did!
Not that I'll use it as an Evening Bag, it's more like a fun summer bag.

This fabric is very sheer so to beef it up I basted a piece of white cotton to the body of the bag and the facing, and then treated each piece as one.

The lining is just a simple white cotton.

I used fusible batting on the bag, and I interfaced the lining.
The handles are fabric covered boning and I placed them on a slight angle.
I also layered an orange ribbon and yellow ric-rac over the handles for some added interest.

I was very happy to find the ribbon and ric-rac amongst my stash! As I stated above, I'm trying very hard to use up the stuff I already have on hand.

There's a patch pocket inside with the same ribbon and ric-rac stitched across the top.

And of course a magnetic snap in the facing to keep the bag closed.

A view of the side.

And a close up of the one of the handles.
This bag goes together lickety split and I highly recommend it!


Claire said...

I love that bag! I really have to start making some bags. Yours are always so cute and you make them look so easy. It would be an easy way for me to use up some of my stash. I'm seriously trying to get through it all. That way, I can buy more! bwahahahhaa.

Schwang said...

That was so fast! It was almost like one of those cooking shows where you see all the ingredients and it's whipped up before your very eyes. Is it big enough to fit Miss Clorax? It looks like she's itching for something new.

laura said...

Claire, purses are a great way to use up fabric. And 99% of my patterns come from Nicole Mallalieu; I'm so glad I found her site.
Schwang, that's one of the fastest purse patterns I own, and it's just Chlorox's size. And believe me she's always itching for something new! Spoiled cat!

Angelia said...

Love the bag! I have been trying to work my way through a massive fabric stash too!! But when someone gives you fabric... you can't say no! Maybe I would like making purses more if I got one of those Nichole patterns like you're always using

Mary Witzl said...

I feel like crying every time I see the pretty things you can make. I can fold an origami crane and embroider flowers. Want to trade skills?

laura said...

Angelia, what I like about Nicole's bags is: they are so well engineered, she shows tons of variations on her site, and her customer service is to die for!

Mary, you wouldn't believe the origami flowers and such that people are adding to purses these days! And embroidery is huge too. It would appear you're way ahead of your time!