Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tiny little update

Here are a few pieces of the Amy Butler Messenger Bag that I cut out this weekend. Just a few. Some pieces are stuck under others, and there are more on the ironing board that you can't see.

I'll work on this tomorrow night.

I had to work at the Inn tonight, and Inn nights translate into 'no sewing nights.'

Hans and I went out to breakfast this weekend and this is one of the signs displayed at the diner where we ate.

Of course I had to take a picture of it.

I forgot to mention that Hans and I went to see The Changeling this weekend. We each went into the theater with different ideas of what we thought may have happened to Christine Collin's son. What did happen was very disturbing and while not really that surprising to me, it made Hans absolutely sick and he said it's a movie he doesn't intend to see again. My heart started pounding about one third of the way into the movie and didn't stop until it ended. Not that it was some kind of action packed thriller but because it really was very well done. Now I realize that as a movie, there had to be a lot of 'creative license' taking place but none the less I would recommend it.
It appears to me that Clint Eastwood just can't make a bad movie and it doesn't hurt that John Malkovich appears in it also.

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