Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wadda Weekend!!!

A slow spell at the inn resulted in my going to the Big City this weekend.

Which is ok with me.

I knew Hans had a poker game to go to on Saturday and I didn't want to just sit around watching TV so I brought this fabric, my Amy Butler Messenger Bag pattern, some fusible batting, and my iron.
After a 4 mile run I got down to business. I mentioned in a previous post that this pattern's pieces are used for multiple parts of the bag. For example one piece may be needed for 2 exterior pieces and 1 lining piece BUT then you need to fold it thus creating a new pattern piece and then you may need it for 2 lining pieces, 1 exterior piece, and a fusible batting piece. Keep in mind that you need to label the already cut pieces as you don't want to go "OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE ANYWAY??!!!!
You must be sober during this process.

I told myself the first time I made this that I would make individual pattern pieces for any future endeavors and now I'm sorry that I didn't. It took about 4 hours to cut this out but I'm sure it didn't help that I kept looking at the TV and watching the Donald Sutherland version of Invasions of the Body Snatchers.

I love that movie.

But I did get the bag cut out and fused the batting to the proper pieces and I'll start sewing it next week.

Today my daughter Vet Tech Girl granted me a visit with my Granddog Duncan. I could hear her coming up the stairs and suddenly I found myself on my back and feet in the air as I fought off a huge bundle of slobbering muscle named Duncan. My goodness that little boy has grown but his manners leave a little to be desired.

So here's the Big Boy with his Grandpa Hans.

As you can see, the tongue never stops. I only wish I could figure out how to take pictures without the red-eye issue!

I guess when all else fails you can just ask your subject to "close your eyes!"

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