Saturday, November 22, 2008

still here, still cold, but still blogging

Last October I took some pictures of a boat that we encountered while we sailing in the Chester River in Maryland.

Today we decided to take a drive into Annapolis and from clear across town we saw the masts and riggings of a boat and thought "That's it! That's the boat we saw last month!" So after parking and walking through the unbelievable, unseasonable frigid temperatures that this part of Maryland is experiencing (don't blame me!!!) we finally found the boat. I took a couple of pictures but after getting back to our boat and doing a little research we realized that it was a totally different ship.
But that's ok, we still had a good time.
Did I mention that it's cold here?

Dear God, it's unbelievable. Normally it's about 50 degrees this time of year but right now, outside of our boat it's about 28 degrees.

I took this very blurry picture last night. See the palm trees?

No, they aren't real.

But this is what the wind here is doing to the big plastic fakes!

Fake, fake, fake!

Shame on them!

I'm not sure if you can see the ice on our windows.

Here's another picture with ice on the lines outside and on the windows.

But my Nicole, Belle Bag is ever so becoming, isn't she?

Here is glow-in-the-dark-Hans.

Complete with tags.

He was lucky enough to stumble across some 'end of the season' sales and found himself some very nice foul weather gear.

When I finally got down here he took me over to the same store and we found some gear for me too.

I got my Christmas present a month early.
I certainly didn't mind that, and I took huge advantage today, and wore my own gear while wandering through town on this hideously cold day.

Another cold picture from one of our windows.

And you haven't lived until you've taken a shower in a very cold head.


It's a space heater!!

With the temperature outside the boat at around 28 degrees, this is a MUST.

Right now as I type this we are at a very cozy 60 degrees.

For me, this has been a lot of fun and I know it's cold but we're having a good time.

Last night we played Scrabble and a certain someone got all the good letters and I got all the sucky ones and I refused to take a picture like I did last month when I won. But tonight we have a rematch scheduled.
Once again, stay tuned.

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