Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

First of all, if I'd known how easy loading a video was, I'd have done one a long time ago. This is my granddog Duncan and his cousin Rambo. Both are around 6 months old and this is what they did for, I bet, over an hour, thus entertaining us one and all this Thanksfgiving day.

I only wish that I'd taped my Beast, chasing Duncan all over my family room last night. Poor Duncan only wanted to play and he just couldn't grasp the fact that Beast wanted no part of his idea of fun. But I have to hand it to The Beast, she never backed down. Actually I think she enjoyed standing her ground. She refused to leave the room and each time Duncan approached, she would raise a paw, and when this warning was ignored, she would then launch herself (no easy feat for a 20 + pound cat) into a hissing and smacking frenzy and chase poor Duncan clear across the room.

The same thing happened at my parent's house today. When Duncan and Rambo weren't rolling around on the floor, one of them would chase poor old Smokey the cat. Except at one point I was washing dishes when a tornado roared through the kitchen. It was Duncan being chased by Smokey and Duncan couldn't run fast enough.

So, while most families bring new grandchildren to holiday gatherings, we bring new granddogs.


Mary Witzl said...

The good thing about animals is that when they entertain you, they don't need words. Teenage girls are seldom as entertaining as cats and dogs and the fact that they can speak is not always an advantage.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Kembree said...

Duncan is a cutie! That is great that you are keeping him socialized with other dogs and cats! I will never be able to have a cat, bc they DO NOT like them :( You will have to look at my older post and see Lennox's bday party :) Happy Sewing..