Thursday, November 6, 2008

A purchase and a purse

Last night I headed off to JoAnn's because I had a 50 percent off coupon burning a hole in my pocket.
I've heard about the SideWinder but the $30.00 price tag was putting me off. I mean, come on! It doesn't kill me to wind bobbins on my machine but it is annoying. So I decided that $15.00 would be acceptable and there went my coupon.
And you know what? I like it! It works slicker than snot!
But I have to tell you, the help at my local JoAnn's leaves a little to be desired. There is one woman there, that I'm sorry to say, is the personification of my Beast.
And really, that's an insult to The Beast.

She's lazy, unpleasant, and knows nothing about sewing.
I drew the short straw and ended up with her at the cutting table (fabric for a messenger bag for Baby Girl). Upon spotting the coupons that I was clutching in my sweaty, frugal, little hands she wheezed, "You can't use those, this fabric is already on sale." Now you might think she was being helpful, and maybe she was, but it came across in a nasty triumphant kind of way. Like maybe she was glad that I couldn't use them. Believe me when I say she's like this with everyone! I cringe every time I walk in and see her.
But on a lighter note, here's my latest purse. It's yet one more Belle Bag. I used left over fabric from some placemats that I made for Hans' brother. I think the colors are very nice for fall and even the Christmas holidays.
I mentioned in a previous post that I'd lost my directions (and I still can't find them!) and Nicole read that post, and emailed me new directions! Is that nice or what?! Talk about service! Since I started blogging I've been so impressed with the kindness of people I've never met. Every day when I read other peoples blogs I'm amazed at the genuine goodness of so many people.

I love the Internet. It's opened up the whole world for me!

Now brace yourself for the next picture, and don't be jealous!

I've mentioned before that I'm a waitress and I had to work tonight. So, while Superman may have his phone booth, I have the ladies room.

I enter it as Laura the clerk and I emerge as Laura the waitress!

Yes, here I am in my uniform.

But, I ask you; how many waitresses have uniforms with a matching purse!!?

All I know is, I do!

So there!


Amy said...

I thought the sidewinders only came in white, but I love that pink. You really like it?

I have to say that it kills me when I go into a store and the personnal know less than nothing about what they are selling. Just so you know - you can use those coupons on sale fabrics. They can bump the price back up to the normal everyday price and then use the coupon to take off the 50%.

Amy said...

Oops, forgot to mention, I love the purse. Do you read Nicole M.'s blog?

laura said...

The pink is for breast cancer awareness and yes I really like it. It's plastic and actually looks a little cheap but it does the job and very quickly! I had no idea that JoAnn's could do that with their coupons, but not in one million years would I ask 'The Beast' for a favor, she's just this side of scary! And I read Nicoles blog every day! Such talent and nice to boot!

Kathi D said...

That same girl works at Petsmart down here! She gets around.

Cute purse! And nice ladies' room change--I always thought Clark Kent was taking a big chance using phone booths.

Nikki said...

Yay! Great success twith the Belle instructions!! (It really was no trouble). And don't you look sweet in your matching uniform!!

Angelia said...

Such a cute purse!!!
I've been thinking about useing a coupon and getting one of those side winders! I was afraid it wouldn't work... but now I know it does!
The people at JoAnns here ALL act that way!!! I think personality is an option not requirement to work there!

Anonymous said...

That purse is DARLING! Seriously cute. I love how thrifty you are with your sewing. I need to find that pattern for that purse... I'll be stalking your blog more often. Hee hee.

laura said...

Please stalk away, and once again my favorite patterns are from Nicole at