Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun stuff.

Here's my latest purchase.

The first two prints with the obvious wine motif are destined to be turned into gifts. I knew what day they were supposed to arrive by UPS but when I got home they still weren't here. An hour or so later I thought I heard the rumble of a truck outside my house but no one knocked at my door.

Imagine my surprise when I found this lying by my front door when I went to go for my run. Why my UPS guy didn't knock is beyond me. I'm just glad I ventured out or this would have sat on my front porch until morning.

The colors are so rich, I just love them!

This is what the wine fabrics are destined to become. This came in the mail yesterday and I forgot how nice KWIK SEW patterns are. I've made countless shirts and kid clothes over the years, all with great success.
I'm thinking burgundy would be a good choice for the vests but I can't help but wonder if the bottom part (the print) should be underlined (2 layers) for ooomph. An apron (even a cute one) is designed to protect and I don't see one layer of cotton doing the job.

I don't know if I can even explain why I bought this particular print. All I can say is that when I found it I said "Bingo!"

I have a feeling that even when the project that I have planned for this is done, there will be some head shaking and serious doubts about my sanity.

I found these prints at J & O Fabric Center. They have tons of novelty prints. This isn't the first order I've placed and it won't be the last. Check them out sometime.


Katie Alender said...

LOL about the egg print. Funny how stuff just strikes you, isn't it? I'm always amazed when people looking at my fabric like something that I've totally written off.

A fabric store, you say? With novelty prints, you say? Hmm.... good thing I have my credit card number memorized!

Angelia said...

I love love love the wine print and must have it! Thanks for the new fabric source... like I need another one!
Love what you're making with the wine fabric too. That is an awesome apron that my Bald Man would be so cute in!

laura said...

Just make sure that while he's being cute, he's cooking!!

I LOVE YOU said...