Monday, November 3, 2008

I love Halloween!

I'm disappointed that Hans and I didn't get any real good pictures of our Halloween costumes but it seems like no one knows how to use a camera. We had a couple of people try but this was about as good as it got.

I was a Stepford Wife and Hans was my geeky controller (notice his overbite and computer in all the pictures).

I should have made my apron and skirt from pretty pastels ala a true Stepford Wife but in my typical 'over thinking' way I decided that a true Stepford Wife would have opted to observe the holiday and wear a Halloween themed outfit. Unfortunately though for some reason, maybe because it was black and white, some people thought it was a French Maid costume. All I know is that usually those who wear French Maid outfits. Shouldn't!

I made the apron from black fabric with the word BOO all over it and I made the skirt from black fabric covered with red eyed, white skulls. I also wore pearls and white gloves and I made my purse. Hans hiked his pants up, taped up an old pair of glasses, stuck many pens in his shirt pocket, and connected a tiny little computer (that he used back in the 90's) to me via a computer cord.
Both being very competitive, we were bitterly disappointed to not even place in a costume contest at a place where we hang out. It wouldn't have been so bad if the other outfits had been really worthy of winning. But I have a problem with store bought costumes or themes that have already been done to death. But like I said, WE ARE COMPETITIVE!!

He may think he controls me but I really doubt it!!

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