Sunday, November 23, 2008

Drum roll please....

....and the winner is: ME!!!!

Here it is.

My winning Scrabble game board.

Here is the final score.

H (Hans) 369.

L (Laura) 453.

Here is Hans' comments on the previous night's score sheet.

Just because I accidentally 'bumped' the board at the end of the game (therefor ruining any photo ops) Hans felt the need to keep record of this minor occurrence. That man!!

Like I mentioned in my previous post I can't help it if I got lousy letters!!!

We finally got Miss Kitty closed up for the winter. The 'Engine Man' came by and pumped her engines full of antifreeze and then we finished up by pumping even more antifreeze into all of her other openings. What fun. She has two water tanks and each holds over 25 gallons. It took forever to emtpy both of them and then the two water tank indicators played fun little games with us by alternately reading empty and then full.
Again and again.
She does love attention though and we hope that she'll behave herself this winter and not present us with any unforeseen problems when we open her back up next spring.

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Katie Alender said...

Ah, a nice cozy winter of playing Scrabble and sewing purses... settle in, Laura!

PS - My post today is for YOU.