Monday, October 27, 2008

A little sewing, a little sailing, and a lot of gloating!

The gloating first. Check out the score. It looks like 'L' won.

I beat Hans at the two games of Scrabble that we played this weekend!!! I hate to admit it but I have a tremendous competitive streak and beating Hans at board games is highly satisfying!!

Sorry Hans.

We had a beautiful sail on Friday, spent the night anchored in a peaceful little cove, and played Scrabble (guess who won?!). Saturday arrived with weather reports of gusting winds and storms but it was hard to believe as it was such a pretty morning. Then the wind kicked up and we decided to 'try to beat the storm home.'

Famous last words.

With the main sail up part way we set off and no sooner were we out of the bay than winds gusting up to 30 knots were tossing us all over the place. I came up from down below to find Hans frantically turning the wheel as I swear we almost sideswiped an island. At that point Hans shouted over the winds that we were in two and a half feet of water and luckily our boat only draws about two feet or we'd have been in big trouble.

After many attempts, Hans (hindered rather than helped by me) managed to get the main down and we made the decision to go back to our little cove.

Once there, it took three attempts to get the anchor to hold but it finally did and we decided to stay put for the night.

Mother Nature had different ideas.

The weather channel advised that the winds were going to shift in the evening and in a direction that would basically swing our boat around and into the stone wall on shore.


Up came the anchor and we motored up the river to another cove with better coverage and dropped anchor yet again. Of course it was in the middle of a rainy, windy storm.

But the anchor held the first time and the twenty knot winds driving into us helped to set it. Once we felt secure we had spaghetti and played another game of Scrabble (guess who won?!).

Thankfully things calmed down and we had a peaceful night. Sunday was actually hot and sunny and we had nice trip back to our slip.

Ahoy maties!!! Check out this fun boat. You see all kinds of things when you sail.

I hadn't even started packing for our trip on Thursday, when I remembered that a friend had asked me to sew her a nurses cap that she needed for a Halloween party. Something kept nagging in the back of my mind and sure enough I found out she needed it for the weekend I'd be gone and not the following week! I hadn't even started it!! So at 11:00 that night I had to get to work. Luckily it wasn't too hard but my iron spit up all kinds of yellow gunk all over it and I think I misinterpreted the folding of the back but I got it done!

It still makes me cringe to think that I would have gone away for the weekend thinking that I still had a week to get this little hat done.

Wasn't my one and only New Year's Resolution to try not to procrastinate?


Angelia said...

Poor Hans! You kicked his butt all over the place! LOL!
Awesome 'pirate ship'!!!

Katie Alender said...

You can give up procrastinating next year, Laura!

That sounds like a scary thing to go through. Do you not get sea sick? I would be as green as Hans when he saw your Scrabble scores.

laura said...

When I beat Hans he tries to say that he 'conceded' to many of my questionable words!! I don't think so! And as our boat rose and fell with the waves and we fought to get the mainsail down, I really was very scared. You wouldn't believe how powerful 30 knots of wind can be until you're in the middle of it. Hans thinks I'm past seasickness now but I seriously doubt it.

Kathi D said...

I love to play Scrabble but I play against the computer most often. Rick goes into Scrabble games with me with a defeatist attitude. (It's the ONE game I can usually win against him.)

Words are my tools!