Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some catching up

I've been horribly lax in my duties as a blogger.

In the past few months I received awards from Angelia at Sew Much to Sew, and Joan from Whatever I Think.
I finally got around to getting them on my sidebar (Thanks Angelia!) and I'd like to finally thank these ladies for being so nice.

I know I'm supposed to pass them on but it appears that everyone I read has already received them!

And Judy from Maccabags tagged me too. I'm supposed share 7 facts about myself.

I can't stand cigarette smoke, it gags me and it was one of the things I hated about bartending. I couldn't get away from it. So I still find it hard to believe that when I was 9 years old, my girlfriend from across the street and I spent an entire summer hiding in the woods and smoking. We were forced to kick the habit though when 'Susie's' mother found a pack of cigarettes hidden in her closet. I got grounded. Susie didn't.

I love the smell of barns.

I'm a huge fan of the Andy Griffith Show. I've been to the Mayberry Days Festival in Mt. Airy. NC three times. It's held during the last weekend in September and thousands of fans pour into town for all of the festivities. The first year I went, I was by myself, and it was the best 'alone' trip I've ever made because just like Mayberry is known as a 'friendly' town I know for a fact that Mt. Airy is! BTW, if you ever want to go visit Mt. Airy during Mayberry Days you'll need to make hotel reservations by March. I kid you not!

If you share my maiden name then you are related to me. Two brothers and a sister (I'm descended from one of the brothers) arrived in this little swamp town from Germany back in the mid 1800's, settled down, started begetting immediately, and opened a bar. The sister supplemented her meager income as a teacher by charging men for her favors, and gave birth to twins thus becoming the area's first single mother. She gave her children very strange names that I don't want to print here as the whole crew has become documented in my state's history. No I won't tell you my maiden name.

I have absolutely no sense of direction. I can't retrace my steps. Ever. Don't tell me it's on the east side of the building or they live on the west side of the city. I won't be able to figure it out. I could probably get lost in my own house.

I love animals (like you couldn't figure that out) and I've had over the years, dogs, cats, hampsters, birds, a racoon, a skunk, lizards, turtles, and a big Teddy Bear named Hans!

I always have the TV on even if I'm not watching. I seem to need background noise and I can't sew if there's nothing good on!

Once again it would seem that everyone I know has already been tagged for this so if anyone reading would like to impart 7 facts about themselves please do!! I would love to read them.

This is what I saw on my drive home tonight. It was much brighter and more intense in person.

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Katie Alender said...

You should try audiobooks for sewing!

I have one of "those" German names in my family tree as well. I've never heard of, much less met, anyone else with that surname.