Sunday, October 12, 2008

All kinds of good stuff

Last week a group called the Cotton Pickers were at the inn (where I'm a waitress), and for about 4 or so days, sewed their little cotten pick'n hearts out!!

They took over the 'Ballroom' which is a huge room normally used for receptions and banquets, set up their machines and tables and went to work.

And believe me, they work!

I stopped in on them after my shift and when I left at around 10 PM, many were still sewing away.

Recognize the theme on the first quilt? It's the same fabric that I used on the bag I made for my sister.

I'm just amazed at how the patterns and colors go together to form such beautiful quilts.

Isn't this fabulous. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

I love the rich colors of this bag. The sides have ties that allow it to be cinched in or released for more fullness. I believe that fusible batting was used for firmness. The workmanship was exceptional.

This is a close up of a small section of the following quilt top.

See the wine bottle motif?

I only wish my pictures were better. This quilt top was unbelievable! There are tons and tons of the tiniest squares all sewn together in such a way that the colors flow like a river throughout the whole thing. The lady who was making it was showing me how some of the fabric was directional and she had to make sure all those tiny squares went in the same direction.

Again, I need to figure out my camera settings because my pictures don't begin to do justice to these works of art.

Here are four squares, made up of smaller squares. We placed them down to see what they'd look like once they would be stitched together. I believe this quilt top was finished during the visit to the Inn.


This is a work in progress. I can't remember the name of the book that this came from, but what a lot of work to put this altogether in such a neat way.

A very pretty little makeup bag.

This duffel bag went over Big Time with everyone. I know I would love to make one of these too and the lady who made it said it was very easy.

I"m pretty sure the quilt shop that I frequent has a good sized duffel bag pattern and I'm going to check it out next week. If they have one then I'm going to snag it up before they quit carrying it.

A variety of groups of women come to the Inn throughout the year with their sewing projects (I mentioned one of them here). They work long, long hours and accomplish so much. I'm so impressed by them and some even have quilt shops of their own. I had so many questions and they were all very gracious and took time to visit with me, and let me take pictures of their works in progress. I can't believe how many different techniques these ladies were using.
I really want to be able to do this myself someday. Men go away for golf or ski weekends, and I think women should get away too..
The world would be a better and happier place, I'm sure!!

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