Thursday, October 9, 2008

Let's hear it for privacy!!!

Here are the windows in the living room where Baby Girl lives with her room mates. Not a lot of privacy as you can see.
I stopped by on my way home from The Inn tonight.

I found it to be quite interesting when I arrived at Baby Girl's house that, a very cute young man was right behind me carrying a case of Coors Light (yuk!), and swept into the house with me. I'm not sure the girls knew what to do when I announced, "Hey, look what followed me in! A case of beer!"
He, his girlfriend, and the beer left shortly thereafter.

Check out the existing hideous panel on the main window.

Can you see on their TV... they like 'The Office'. I myself have never seen it although from what I hear... it's a lot of fun. Then Saturday Night Live had it's Thursday Night Special which of course made fun of the 'debate.'
From now on I'm saving my time and watching SNL instead of the real thing.
Scary funny.

Here is the beginning of my endeavor to cover those windows. The skinny windows still need the lower panels to be made but that will have to wait until next week.

Last night while I was sewing, I turned my back for just a second (I kid you not!) and this is what happened.

I hope none of those girls suffer from cat allergies!!


Nikki said...

What a transformation!! The curtain makes a huge difference to the look of the room!!

The privacy element can't be ignored, either.... I once found out that a neighbour was filming me through my windows. How did I find out...? He SCREENED his film at the local indie (Super-8) film festival!!! I'm a big fan of drawn curtains now!!

Katie Alender said...

Oh, big gaping windows make me nervous. Good job! I love the colors on the fabric.

And yes, The Office is hilarious. So hilarious. Although it took me a few episodes to get into it. I was lukewarm, and then one day it clicked and I became obsessed.

Cindy said...

Looking fantastic! Hope the girls appreciate it. You're right, Coors light is soooooo bad! Youngins. {shakes head}

laura said...

Nikki, Hans says if your movie making neighbor made a profit at your expence then you should get a cut!! He also wants to know just what this guy filmed!!
Katie, Everyone's constantly telling me that I should watch The Office, and one of the waiters I worked with the other night couldn't finish up his shift fast enough to go home and watch.
Cindy, I think they'd appreciate anything right now, one of the girl's said she's sick of dodging past the window in a robe and towel every morning.