Sunday, October 12, 2008

An addition to my previous post

Here's an applique of some 'Men at Work'.

Too cute.

Hmmm, I wonder who the recipient of this quilt is.

A fun, fall, quilt top.
I absolutely love fall, pumpkins, Halloween, and anything that goes with autumn.

We had such a beautiful weekend here in the Big City. It turns out that Hans has never been to the zoo in all the years he's lived here and I thought we should go.
Talk about good timing, it turns out today was a free day at the zoo.
None the less, I was unprepared for the crowd that took advantage of the offer. I think they should have charged $1.00 per person, which would have been affordable, and they would have made a lot of money, probably more than they do when charging the usual fee of $70.00 per family.
We had fun though and I took so many pictures (baby elephant!!!! and yes, I'll be posting them!!) that right at the end of the day (when I tried to take a picture of the young man in front of me with his pants literally down around his thighs!) my camera said 'battery is exhausted' and died on me.

I know just how it felt.

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