Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'll get you my pretty!

Who doesn't love the Wizard of Oz? Well, my sister sure does and I hope she likes this Beach Bag or Tote Bag or whatever she wants to call it that I made her for her birthday. But, I won't know if she likes it until February since that's her birthday and I won't give it to her until then!

I cut the bag out on Saturday before I went to work at the inn and I put it together today. It has the same features as my Bag but I added a patch pocket to the inside in addition to a zip pocket. Can you see the print on the outside pockets? It has pictures of Dorothy, The Wicked Witch, Toto, etc... and the straps and bottom are yellow brick. The print on the body of the bag is a brown basket weave.

I love the way the bottom of the bag is constructed. I use InnerFuse which is really stiff, although the pattern calls for Template Plastic. I have yet to wash one of my purses that I've used InnerFuse with so maybe I shouldn't push it yet!

This really is a nice pattern and it would make a great diaper bag too. There are so many great fabric patterns out there that it just boggles my mind! My boss loves dragon flies and when I googled 'dragon fly' fabric I couldn't believe how many fun prints there were!

The only reason I got so much sewing done today is because Hans had to leave town Saturday on business and won't be back until Thursday!!!! It was a sudden trip, and luckily it was this week and not next week, because next Friday is our 4th anniversary and so far we've always been able to spend it together.

And while I hope he's thinking 'there's no place like home', I'll also hope that he's not wearing ruby red slippers while saying it!!!


Nikki said...

I love the Dorothy theme!!!! I'd also love to know what InnerFuse is.... not a name I've heard in Australia.

laura said...

I found it at JoAnn fabrics. It's just about 1/8 of an inch thick and is coated on both sides with fusible gunk. It's used for crafting and making fabric bowls (something I don't think I ever see myself doing). I went and threw the packaging away or I would take a picture of it. I tried to find it at but it didn't come up in my search. I need to get some more, so I'll be sure to get you the information on it when I do.