Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reunion fun and a door prize

My class reunion (see my last post) went very well, thank you very much! We didn't have as big of a turn out as we may have liked and for some reason a lot of locals did not attend. That made me feel badly for the people who took the time and trouble to drag their families across the country for this function.

There was a huge slide show consisting of old school pictures, past reunions, and those who weren't able to attend were nice enough to send updated family photos. I couldn't help but notice and I know it had to make a lot of people uncomfortable was the fact that while all these pictures of happy couples at our past reunions flashed on the screen all night long, they weren't the same happy couples at this reunion. Or shall I say they were one half old couple and one half new couple. Yes indeed folks, it would appear that the dreaded mid life crises bug has bit many of my classmates!

I bet there will be an updated slide show at the next get together!

I did have to laugh at the pictures of the 20th (this was our 30th) as there were pictures of me and my 'date from hell' that I hadn't seen in 10 years. That date truly deserves a post of it's own and someday I'll blog about it, I promise! But anyway after that awful night my best friend got out a pair of manicure scissors and cut him out of the pictures so I wouldn't have to cringe every time I looked at them. She was at the reunion the other night and we still laughed about it!

My little Chlorox got into the act too and right before we left the house she presented me with a door prize to take along with me.

She's thoughtful like that.

But anyway here is a picture of Hans and me (wearing my Burda dress). I have a lot more photos but there are other people in them and I don't want to put pictures of unsuspecting people all over the internet!

Here she is, Chlorox the pretty yet practical party planner. She's always ready with the purrfect gift!


Angelia said...

You and Hans look so good together! but I wanna see the pic of you and the date from hell! lol!

laura said...

The only way I can get one, is to obtain a copy of the CD that was played all night long. I've put a request in for one and if I get it I'll post it. Actually, he was a good looking man, but turned into such a no-it-all nightmare that I still tell stories!!!

laura said...

Oh God! I meant KNOW-it-all!! It's late and I'm tired and I hate to admit it but I'm sure my 'Date from Hell' would have corrected me in a heart beat as I'm sure he was a Pulitzer Prize winner.

joan harvest said...

You don't look old enough to have a 30 year high school reunion. Maybe a 15 year but not a 30. Yes, I would like to see the date from hell too.