Thursday, July 17, 2008

MacGyver, eat your heart out!

Poor Hans.

I wonder if my vacation/travel jinx could have rubbed off on him?

I mentioned in my last post that he had lost his cell phone while away on business.

But it turns out this was just one thing among many things that happened to him during his travels.


Anyway, while he was able to call me each day, it was only for a few minutes as he was in Europe, and with the 6 hour time difference and my two jobs he couldn't fill me in on everything.

One night, before his phone was lost, it rang at 4 AM and scared the bejesus out of him, especially when it ID'd as his landlord. He said he just knew, before he even answered, that his apartment must be on fire. Why else would anyone's landlord call? He also realized that it was about 10 PM in the Big City, but who calls anyone that late unless it's an emergency?

His landlord wanted to tell him that he was having Hans' outside steps painted in the morning.

Hans thanked him, told him he was in Europe, and that they could paint away as he wouldn't be around anyway!

Then the next day after packing up from the show, he discovered his cell phone was missing. He headed back to his brother's house (this is the brother we visited in Switzerland this spring) and when he entered Brother's house the alarm went off. Brother's partner had been home for lunch and had set the alarm upon leaving as they didn't expect Hans to return until later in the evening. But Hans (that little rascal) arrived sooner than expected, hence the alarm.

The alarm kept shouting (in French): "ENTER THE CODE, ENTER THE CODE!"

Hans kept shouting, "I don't know the code! I'm the brother staying here on business!"

The alarm didn't care and immediately sent the police.

Poor Hans, he couldn't call anyone because he had no cell phone, and he couldn't use the telephone at the house because it was tied up to the alarm system.

So Hans and the police waited until Brother's partner showed up and vouched for Hans.

Hans then begged to use their computer (for some bizarre reason Hans could not get his wireless to work ANYWHERE) so he could stop service on his cell phone. Brother finally relented when Hans promised to do no more than use Gmail.

But Hans was concerned because he wanted to be able to talk to me when he returned home but without a phone how was that going to be possible.

I got out of work at 10:30 tonight (and I will post about my waitressing shift at a later date, HAVE I NOT MENTIONED THAT DAMNED FULL MOON??), only to find that Hans had left three messages on my cell phone.

How the hell did he do that?

Once he got home, (and BTW, British Airlines, for $100 dollars gave him a HUGE upgrade, which meant they gave him a different seat in coach! And believe me that charge will be disputed!) he used his computer and his skype account, but only after he re-activated his paypal account and then retrieved all of his passwords for paypal and skype. Then utilizing a $1.00 microphone that Baby Girl bought at a garage sale and gave to Hans, along with the head phones he kept from his flight home, he was able to call me.

Just imagine what that man could do with duct tape!


Katie Alender said...

Now that's devotion! I'm surprised you didn't wake up to a carrier pigeon sitting on your windowsill at some point.

laura said...

Don't give him any ideas, and besides that, my cats would probably kill the poor thing! Now I'm not a sappy person and I gag at romance novels but yes, he is a devoted man and I'm a very lucky woman.

Anonymous said...

what about swimming naked in the pool and then playing the piano so loudly that he could not even hear the security man trying to get him to answer the door.....

laura said...

Uh oh! I think Hans is so busted!! He does indeed love to play the piano loudly, but since I don't have a pool I can't relate to the naked swimming adventure! None of that would have happened though if I'd been along, so maybe he'll think a little harder about leaving me behind the next time!!

Christy said...

Aw! I imagine after his trials and tribulations he was probably pretty eager to hear your voice - even if it was just your voicemail.

laura said...

He is such a sweety! He said he wasn't going to be able to go to sleep if he couldn't talk to me when he got home! And these days there really are no pay phones around either (at least any that work). But Hans really does love a challenge!