Thursday, July 3, 2008

Decisions! Decisions

I finally got in a little sewing last night.

What that means is; my house is still filthy, but if the cats don't care then why should I!

Now, before you look at these pictures and say "Is that woman insane? Does she not have any other fabric besides that hot pink combo? Doesn't she already have a purse and a wine (whine) bag out of that stuff?

Well, yes I do but... the wine bag was an experiment gone bad and it's now been relegated to a shoe bag. The purse is an absolute success and a favorite. But I wanted so desperately to make a Beach Bag, and I had all this fabric left over, and since I love LOUD fabrics (much to my mother's horror!) I decided I just had to do it!

Unfortunately I lack design and color skills so that's why I depend on patterns. I also might get an idea in my head but when I make a stab at it I'm usually disappointed with the results.

So anyway, I decided on a Beach Bag with pockets across the front and a patch pocket on the back. It will also have a zip pocket and a patch pocket on the inside and I will use a zipper closure across the top.

This pattern allows you to either leave the pockets unlined (but stabilized with interfacing) or lined. I prefer a lined pocket.

So even though I originally thought I'd like the smaller print (in the picture on the left) as the outside pocket on the bag, I've decided to go with the louder print (picture on the right) as the outside and the smaller print will now be the pocket lining.

No matter what, I know I'll be happy with it. And just think how snazzy it would look to have a matching purse and carry on bag!!!

I don't know about you but I get sick of fabric markers drying up after the first use, so I was at the Dollar Tree (I love that store, I also got a couple more pairs of sunglasses @ $1.00ea !!) and found these washable markers. Of course I wouldn't use them on something that I might ruin (at least not without a test) but I used them last night and all went well.

JoAnn's is having a 4th of July sale that starts today so I ventured out at lunch time. What a mistake, I hate holiday traffic and it's started already and even in this small town it can be a pain. Waiting in line is always fun too, because inevitably there ends up being a snafu with the register or a customer just as it's my turn, and today was no different.

And I couldn't help but notice that the woman in front of me had on dirty ankle socks edged with lace. Where she found them in her size and why I notice these things is beyond me.

I think I need help.


Nikki said...

I think the Beach Bag will be gorgeous when it's done - very girly and lots of fun!!! Can't wait to see the finished result.

Angelia said...

Here's to sewing!! because I've not had much time for it either since the Bald Man built me the mighty garden center in our back yard... and then bellydancers wanting costumes at a moments notice!
You're beach bag is looking good!