Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It looks better in person!

The purse, not the cat.

Chlorox looks good all the time!

Actually, she's kinda driving me nuts these days. Ever since she got her face lift she's become a bit of a diva. She may be thirteen but she's acting very kittenish lately, especially when Hans (who's a Leo) is around!

This is my 'coffee cup' purse. At least it's supposed to look like a coffee cup and it really does, just not so much in these pictures.

I've mentioned before that I'm very cheap, so instead of buying new fabric and ruining it if my idea didn't work, I used some old blue jeans and remnants from my Wizard of Oz Beach Bag. I used my Day Bag pattern, cut it down in size, and used 2 belt loops to hold the bamboo handle in place. I also cut the sides on a slight angle so they would taper outwards at the top and be a little narrower at the base, like a coffee cup.

As usual I made things difficult for myself. I didn't think about adding a pocket until after I had the sides sewn together so attaching it became a bit of a challenge. Then I decided that a Velcro closure on the pocket would be nice, but I didn't think about it until the pocket was in place. Again with the challenges, but it worked.

The pocket should definitely be secured because when you're carrying it, the pocket opening is to the side and not at the top. This is more of a fun purse than a functioning purse as there is just not a lot of room inside.

She loves being in the sewing room with me (if Hans isn't around). She'll play with my tape measures, talk up a storm, and take many cat naps.

She's good company and we have many great conversations.


Nikki said...

Hey, that's cute! Nifty idea.

And congratulations on your anniversary.

Katie Alender said...

The belt lops as handle-fasteners is so clever! What a cute little bag!

laura said...

Thanks, ladies. It's ok, it was just an idea I had, and I doubt if I'll make a another one.

Angelia said...

Love this!!!!!