Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where the hell is my crystal ball?

Where did the week go!?

I did get to the Big City on Thursday for Hans' birthday. We had a bottle of wine, and steaks off the grill (nothing like making the birthday boy cook his own dinner!). Of course we had a nice time but it also means that I had to get up at 5:30 AM in order to be at my desk by 8. But the same holds for Hans when he's at my house.

So Friday evening, I'd been up since 5:30 and was hoping for an easy night at the inn but we got our asses kicked. Not that we don't like to be busy but there were only 4 of us on the floor and I watched in horror as groups of 6 and 8 and then couples were being seated everywhere and of course none of them had made reservations! And all of them rolled in at the same time as a reservation for 40 and another for 13.
We also do not have sections and the owner seats people willy nilly all over the place and then none of us know who's been taken and who hasn't! At the height of all the insanity, I might have tables clear across the room, a couple of tables in the middle and then someone asks can I please pick up those people at yet the opposite end.

Does it make sense? No! Will it ever change? No!

The group of 40 were dressed in period attire from I'd say the mid 1800's. And while they were lovely, it required a lot of contortions on our part to not step on their voluminous skirts! They were also very disappointed to find that there was no piano player as they had been told that one would be called in.

Apparently they had planned on dancing during dinner!

How anyone thought that would have been possible is beyond me!! I could barely walk through the tables, and they expected to dance around them?

So I was in the middle of taking orders from my share of the group of 40 (and watching the dam break at the door as all the walk-ins flooded the room), and since the inn allows separate checks on huge functions (grrrr!), I was trying to figure out who was on who's check when one lady asked, "Who's taking care of Claire?"
Like I know who Clair is!!!

"I'm sorry?" I very politely said, "But who is Claire?"

"Hmmmmf." Huffed the lady. "Our medium!" she said in a 'boy are you stupid tone'. (Dear God, why tonight?).

Claire the Medium! Claire the Clairvoyant!

I kid you not.

Well since I don't have ESP, I made her point Claire out to me, and rearranged my paperwork to include the seer's tab with hers.

When they were done eating and looking to me for their checks (which have to be figured out one at a time, with tax, and gratuity added on, and we all fight over the one adding machine that we have!) Claire the Clairvoyant asked, "May I please have my check?"

She was totally surprised when I told her that the next table over had already taken care of it.


So Clair is Clairvoyant, huh?

I think not!


littlemis said...

Like, that play on the name is sooooo old. LOL. I hear it all the time. Clairvoyant, clarity, clarabelle... all of them. I still chuckle though, amid a groan.

Little Miss (aka Claire)

Angelia said...

Hey Laura! Just catching up on all the blogging you've done!

You wait on some serious wac-o's don't you?

laura said...

These are only my most recent, I have so many more stories!