Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still sailing along.

We had little wind yesterday but at least it was blowing in our favor so we put up the gennaker and sailed all day to our anchorage. It took us about 6 hours to go 5 miles. I don't think we had to worry about breaking any speed limits (or the sound barrier) but at least we were sailing!

I tried to get a picture of last night's setting sun and this morning's sunrise. Last night we ended up in Crab Alley (MD), where we anchored for the night. It was warm and calm and we spent a good part of the evening sitting on the foredeck pad. The night before in Rhodes River (off of the West River) there were 2 other boats at anchor with us but last night we were the only boat in Crab Alley. When we got up this morning we saw crab boats all over the place; coming in and going out, hence the name Crab Alley I guess!

The first picture is our sunrise from this morning.

Then we have last night's sunset. We had a lot of clouds and this was the best picture I could get before the sun totally disappeared.

This is the first trip that we had to resort to using fly strips (as seen above) and before you waste your money and go running out to buy some, don't! Besides the fact that you feel like a trashy red neck (and I'm uncomfortably close enough to that description already), they just plain old don't work! And I fear that flies are smarter than me too because while they blithely evaded these sticky strips, I kept getting caught in them. Yuck!!!

Nothing works better than a trusty old fly swatter and I'm glad we were so isolated because I've no doubt I looked like a crazy woman in my bra (too hot for anything else) and shorts, wildly swinging, swatting, and yelling "You little bastards!"
I guess you can take the girl out of the little swamp town but you can't take the red neck out of the girl!

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