Friday, August 8, 2008

Will I ever learn?

Well, here goes again!

I'm having another garage sale tomorrow!

Not only that, but Hans (YES YOU, HANS!) is playing poker tonight in the Big City and isn't coming up to my house until tomorrow, AFTER my garage sale is well underway.

But of course The Beast will be there all ready to greet her public so I guess at least someone will have fun.

What ever doesn't get sold tomorrow is going to end up at the Salvation Army because I don't see myself doing this again any time soon.

I would much rather be working on my Purse-O-Nality bag which is almost finished and I really like it. Unfortunately I showed it to Baby Girl who had a fit and said "no way" to my making one for her. Actually maybe it was a good thing because now I won't waste my time on one that she wouldn't like. Before you think she's a brat; she's not! Actually she's a really good kid and I guess I understand that someone her age might not like the same thing I do!

Here's some good news; Nicolle Mallalieu has just released her Teardrop Purse and it is adorable!

Of course.

Will I be getting one?

Of course.

I get a ton of compliments on my Snap Purse and I still have a frame to make another one, I just haven't decided on what kind of fabric to use.

If I survive my day tomorrow, I'll get back to some sewing.


Angelia said...

Oh!! The teardrop purse is so extra cute!!!
It says advanced though... and I really try to avoid any and all patterns that say advanced! Esp. since I'm trying to stop cursing so much! lol!

laura said...

Oh, please!! Advanced? Yes it may be advanced but you wouldn't have a problem at all!

Nikki said...

Thanks for the plug, Laura. "Advanced" only means that you have to be able to keep an even seam allowance, and set in a curve. It's like setting in a sleeve.

Thanks also, Laura - for sympathetic words to brighten up an otherwise totally awful week.