Thursday, August 14, 2008

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get!

What a busy week!

I had my garage sale last Sunday and netted a whole $48.00 for my efforts. Of course one of my co-workers had a garage sale and made $480.00! But she was selling her dad's tools and they went for a lot more than my bunch of junk!

(Yes, The Beast wore her pearls to the garage sale! )

I had to work at the inn on Monday and Wednesday nights and I went to the Big City to see Hans on Tuesday night. I would have loved to get some sewing done tonight except the litter boxes needed to be emptied and I boxed up left over garage sale items that need to be taken to the Salvation Army.

Vet Tech girl has been busy too and the following activities all happened in a one week span.

She was so excited last week because she'd managed to get interviewed for a position with an Emergency Pet Clinic. Actually she called me after her third interview and said she'd know within the week as to whether she would get the job or not. Apparently this is a hard place to get into and they interviewed a lot of vet techs, including one of her co-workers at her current job.

She then sent me an email to tell me that she had 'rescued' a Malamute and that it was in her apartment and that I shouldn't tell Hans (who lives above her) as he ... 'doesn't love animals the way you and I do."

I emailed back that as long as her cats, Boogey and Gimpy didn't mind being appetizers I didn't think Hans cared what she had in her apartment.

Then I got the hysterical phone call that she had been hired at the Emergency Hospital. I was very excited because she does love animals, is very smart, very dedicated, and I think they'll be glad that they hired her.

Almost immediately I got an email that Boogey, her old male cat (yet one more rescue) had died in his sleep. She had him cremated and expects to get his ashes back this week. I have no idea what she's going to do with them and if she continues in this fashion I hate to think what her living area will look like when she's my age. How many urns can a house hold?

I emailed back that I was very sorry and asked how the Malamute was doing in her tiny apartment.

Oh, she no longer has the Malamute because she found it a home but by golly she now has a 6 week old Pit Bull Puppy that suffers from a stage 6 hear murmur. He was one of 7 in a litter and the only one with this heart problem. The owners gave him to her and asked that she keep them informed of his situation. He is a pure bred, complete with papers but she doesn't care about that, she just loves him.

"He could die at any minute!" she informed me breathlessly as she tossed him in the air and tickled him. This was Tuesday night when I went into the Big City to visit Hans.

I kept begging her to be careful with him and she informed me that she knows exactly what she's doing.

His name is Duncan and her co-workers say he's so sweet that his middle name has to be Donut.

He is a brindle with coppery coloring and muted black stripes and a black Mohawk down his back. He has that huge bull frog head with widely spaced moss green eyes. We hope they stay that color; they are so striking and I'm so mad that I didn't take my camera with me!

I received many puppy breath kisses and he then spent the remainder of the time chewing on Vet Tech girl's chin.

When you hold him across his chest you can feel his heart whoosh instead of beat and it will be a couple of weeks before they can do a sonogram and decide whether surgery will help him or not.

All I know is he lucked out when Vet Tech girl took him in and he goes to work with her every day.

I do plan on getting some sewing done this weekend. Hans is going down to the boat this weekend and I'm not going! He has some friends he plays hockey and skis with who would love to go for a sail and I think perhaps a couple of them have never sailed, so they might be in for some fun. I could have arranged my work schedule to go but I think they'll do just fine without me tagging along. Anyway we're going down for Labor Day Weekend, just the two of us, and I like that better!

I do have to work a wedding at the inn on Saturday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong. Weddings are Hell!


Mary Witzl said...

Your friend sounds like she would be a good friend for my sister. Who has 18 cats and has rescued all sorts of animals, including dogs and turtles.

Weddings ARE hell. We used to cater for weddings. Great for the guests, terrible for the people doing all the work.

laura said...

Actually, Vet Tech girl is my daughter, and I hope I don't end up with the 'left overs' of her passion!

Judy said...

Hi Laura - I'm glad you left me a comment, and also that you like my bags - thanks for the compliments!

OMG! I clicked on the pit bull terrior puppy link on your blog, and I am not sure I have ever seen anything cuter than that! He's such a pumpkin! I sure hope he is ok.

I can't even say how jealous I am that you're going off to live on a boat. Just how cool is that?! I stayed on a houseboat when I first lived in London - it didn't go anywhere, though, just floated on the Thames when the tide was in and sat in the mud when the tide went out! It was fun, though.

Stop by and see me again ...I'm ignoring the remark about the cats!! ;o)

Joanharvest said...

It sounds like your daughter had quite a week. I'm happy she got the job. We have a pit bull. She's 10 years old. Actually she belongs to my son-in-law. It was a package deal when my daughter married him. She is a sweetheart. She is black and white. She is such a baby. When she comes in the car with my daughter and I she just cries and cries if my daughter leaves her with me in the car. I try to talk to her but she won't stop crying until my daughter is back in the car. Her name is Phoenix.

That's too bad you only made $48 at the garage sale.

Angelia said...

oh puppies!!!! I love'em!!! Thats why I got 2 extra tiny toys dogs... they always look like puppies..
You're daughter sounds like a true animal angel!Good for her!