Friday, August 29, 2008

The start of a looooong weekend

Here he is, Duncan (Donut), in the flesh. All 9 weeks of him.

This is Vet Tech Girl's latest rescue and I swear he's doubled in size since I saw him 2 weeks ago.
I asked (begged) Vet Tech Girl to please watch Chlorox and The Beast while Hans and I sail this Labor Day Weekend. I know that Chlorox will hide under the bed the whole time and that The Beast will try to take over but at least they won't be lonely.

I can't find our cat carrier, so I improvised by shoving and taping 2 milk crates together. I left one side untaped and the other side acted like a hinge allowing me to shove a very reluctant Chlorox inside. I taped it completely shut after I got her in. She was so happy.

Believe me, I was dreading the hour and a half to two hour drive to the Big City with this kitty.

She never stops screaming!


And it's beyond nerve wracking.

However, she did surprise me this time and more than once, I caught her dozing off between screams of agony. I think it's because the milk crates are so open and airy and I could scratch her head whenever she got to be too loud.

The Beast got stuffed into a huge cardboard box with holes cut into it for ventilation and I never heard a peep out of her the whole trip.

The real fun in this whole ordeal is that come Tuesday morning at around 6 AM I have to box everyone up for the trip home and unload them at my house before getting to my desk by 8.
Aren't vacations supposed to be relaxing?
Chlorox is indeed hiding under the bed and The Beast has taken to hissing at everything
including the couch, and poor Duncan's welcoming advances have been rudely scorned.

You call this first class?

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Angelia said...

awww! the puppy is SO cute!!!