Wednesday, August 6, 2008

OK, so I lied!

I don't have a completed picture of my purse.

But you can see some of it in progress.

Pieces and Parts.

The picture to the right is is one of the 8 'pieced' together messes that I had to fix. It doesn't look too bad and actually on the purse itself it looks like it belongs.

My pretty little helper. She's not so innocent though! I caught her chewing on the zipper a couple of times.

I did get a new iron last night. Before my old one died, it had quit shooting steam and I didn't realize how much I love hitting that button! You can bet I pushed it a lot last night and since it sounds like a hissing cat you can imagine the reaction from my two cats. They were like 2 little Mexican Jumping Beans.

The strangest things amuse me!


joanharvest said...

I'm so used to doing dumbass stuff that I don't care anymore. I like the bag. I love handmade stuff. My daughter was on a knitting spree last winter and I got a beautiful scarf out of the deal. I wish she'd learn to sew.

laura said...

Remember Joan, you're a smartass not a dumbass!! And sometimes I wished I knew how to sew too!

Angelia said...

Ok... from what I can see I'm loving it!
All the purses you make are so good!