Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does!

I always like reading about other peoples blunders but I hate it when I do something STUPID!!

I found a very interesting Purse Pattern from Purse-O-Nality. It can serve as a variety of bags but what caught my eye was the fact that it can be a computer bag and the straps can be switched to back pack style.

Baby Girl has a Mac and it's kind of heavy and she complains that carrying it around hurts her back (just wait until she's my age!). So I was very excited when my pattern arrived and I immediately went out and bought some pretty sailboat fabric.

Yes I'm a terrible mother! I bought the sailboat fabric for me! That girl is sooo not a sailboat fan, actually she doesn't even like the water as she always sinks like a stone whenever she attempts to swim!

I just decided that no matter how the bag turns out, if it's fabric I like, it will get used. If it's a success I will then make one for her!

It's a good thing this one was for me.

Because I screwed up!

This pattern does not contain all the pattern pieces. No big deal because the pieces they didn't print are just rectangular and all you do is make your own with the provided measurements.

However, the front and back bag pattern requires that you tape the pieces given to you together at the 'join' lines.

I cannot believe that I cut out 2 sets of fronts and backs (4 pieces) using up almost all of the fabric before I noticed that I had forgotten to tape the side pattern extensions on!!!

I had a big Oh sh*t moment right about the time the last cut was made!!! (And I wasn't even drinking!).

What to do?

Go buy more fabric?

No, I'm too cheap.

Start piecing the little bastard together?


But! Remember, once it's been cut you can't just lay it back down on the fabric and cut the rest out. Because now it has to be stitched together and with new seam allowances the 'new' additions won't match.

Like matching plaids.

Which I do not do.

I now have 8 extensions to fiddle with and cut out. 8! Because there are 2 per piece!

Oh God!

I turned under about 1/8' on each purse panel and then placed these on the left over scraps of fabric and tried to find a mate. This took way too long and it was hot and I was sweating and I was not happy at all!!!!

I didn't care about the inside 4 because they don't show, but I was only able to match 3 of the outer pieces.

If anyone notices this and has the nerve to remark upon it, he/she will be very sorry.

I used stitch witchery, fused things together and then top stitched in place.

I could have had the stupid thing done in the time it took me to do all of this.

AND I forgot to buy zippers so I have to go back tonight and get them.

Good old stitch witchery.

Can you see the mutilated fabric lying above the pattern?

Can you see the pattern's unattached side extension off to the left?

Can you believe anyone could be so stupid?

Here is an update:

I did get my zippers and at least they're a good match, and last night I actually did get some sewing done even though my iron has decided to expire on me!!

Also, this really is a neat pattern but be advised that there are no illustrations; just instructions along with one pattern piece (the main body). If you've never sewn a purse before, it might be a little confusing.

I fully intend to post pictures of a completed purse sometime tonight (if Blogger cooperates and if it knows what's good for it, it will!).

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