Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Sewing Sunday

Here is the result of my Day of Sunday Sewing!

Remember, Hans (the big stinker!!) deserted me this weekend and went down to the boat with his friends, so I had no idea what to do with my day.

I know what I should have been doing; tons of household things to prepare my house for sale this winter, but I don't want to think about that right now.

So, I got home from breakfast this morning and got down to business. I pulled out my Betty Boop fabric that I got on-line a couple of months ago. I bought it so I could make a purse for a women I know who really reminds me of Betty Boop. I then had to make a decision as to what purse to make. I considered the Belle Bag, knew that a Beach Bag wasn't right, the Slouch just wasn't what I was looking for and then thought, AH HA! A variation of the Day Bag! It has the same concept as the Belle Bag; you yank in the sides with magnetic straps.

One of the problems I experienced was matching the red in the Betty Boop fabric to a lining fabric because it was a funky pinkish red. I wanted a red or black fabric with white polka dots but that just didn't happen. Then I found this white with black polka dots in my stash and decided to use it.

Now when I sew, I like to have a TV show on in the background. Today, there was absolutely nothing on that appealed to me. I love old movies but I'm not a huge Gene Kelly fan and that's all that was on TCM, the Olympics were on but women's wrestling just isn't my thing and then I remembered that I have some Andy Griffith DVD's, so I stuck them in my computer and listened to Andy and Barney all day and sewed my heart out! It doesn't take a lot to make me happy!

Here's the inside of the bag. One picture shows the straps connected across the middle and I used a simple patch pocket because I didn't have a zipper that matched.

Once again I used the hard bottom tutorial from Nicole Mallalieu; it's such a neat concept.

Joan, I'm going to have to admit to a dumbass moment this weekend. I bought a new iron and I like it except that apparently it doesn't have an automatic shut off like my old one, therefor I think the damn thing was on all weekend!! I don't even want to know what my electric bill will be because irons use up a lot of juice!


Joanharvest said...

It just goes to show you, there is a little dumbassness in all of us. I'm just glad it didn't burn the house down.

Your Betty Boop friend will surly enjoy the bag. It is so cute. I actually have some Betty Boop cartoons on 8mm reels from the 1940's. My dad had them. I still have his projector from that time period and all the old movies that he took of us. I just have to figure out how to work the projector.

I also think it's hilarious now when anyone writes a blog and they do a dumbass move I'll see a link to me. I think one day I will have to write "The Dumbass Chronicles".

Right this second I am watching a daddy Cardinal feed his baby. It is so cute.

Thanks for the shout out.

Joanharvest said...

I just realized. You made that bag in a day. That would have taken me a year. And I love old Andy Griffith shows.

Angelia said...

I adore this purse! Betty Boop!!! How cute is that...
Great job on the purse... you make awesome bags Laura!

Anonymous said...

Irons don't use much juice. But I sure do love that bag! HELP ME!! I've got a sewing machine that is 40 years old, in a maple cabinet, and it has only one speed. HYSTERICALLY FAST. I've been thinking of buying a new machine but it wouldn't fit in the old cabinet. What should I do? I'm losing it!! I want to make bags, but I'd have to go s-l-o-w-l-y around the corners. RATS.

laura said...

Joan, I would love to read the Dumbass Chronicles, and then you could write Dumbass Chronicles for the Dumbass Soul etc... I have a family of cardinals who fight daily over my bird feeder and I'm having too much fun watching them.
Thanks Angelia! I just like not having 'fitting' issues, that's why I like making purses.
Ok, Dana, either drink 10 cups of coffee and a Red Bull before sewing or get rid of that machine! Those cabinets are a pain anyway. Go to Ikea and buy a $40.00 desk and then get a bottom-of-the-line sewing machine at a local dealer and start sewing!! (not WalMart! A dealer will help you and you will love them forever.)

Katie Alender said...

"I had no idea what to do with my day"

Ha! I'll believe that in a million years, Laura! ;-)

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The black and white polka dot fabric was the perfect contrast. Good call.