Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A couple of blasts from the past

Time is so limited these days! On the nights that I waitress at the inn, I get nothing done at home, and the nights that I'm home I have a tremendous amount of things to get caught up on! And I try to make a point of running on the nights that I don't work, and that takes yet another chunk of time.
I want to put my house up for sale in a couple of months and in all of the cleaning and sorting I've been finding all kinds of things. This first picture is a pumpkin sleeper that I made years ago. I used to sell baby sleepers with all kinds of themes way back in the old days. I made pumpkins, tuxedos, clowns...I can't even remember all of them. This was before the Internet and I sold these at a little boutique where you had to pay rent for your space and by the time all was said and done, you made a profit but not a very big one.

The watermelon shorts outfit was one that I made for Baby Girl (who will turn 2o on Thursday!) and I just can't get rid of it. I made the 'seeds' from a decorative stitch on my Janome New Home Machine that was the top of the when I bought it eons ago. They are still fantastic machines and the new ones do far more than mine does. But don't worry I still love mine.

We celebrated Baby Girl's birthday at my parent's house this weekend and my mom mentioned that one of her friends had given her a bunch of zippers that she'd picked up at a garage sale.

Yes zippers, and I was given a chance to dig through them and take what I wanted.

You could tell some had already been used because there were thread remnants stuck in the stitching areas, so someone else out there is as cheap as me (I buy purses at the Good Will and rip out their zippers and d-rings etc... because it's cheaper than buying them new!). And there were some metal Talon zippers. Remember Talon? Years ago they were a huge employer here in my area. Actually the zipper was invented here by Gideon Sundback and they were called hookless fasteners before they became known as zippers.


Chlorox showing her excitement at having so many zippers to play with.

I won't get any sewing done this Labor Day Weekend because Hans and I will be going down to the boat (we have a sailboat in Annapolis MD and if you're interested in reading about our adventures, I have them listed as travel, and sailing, in my sidebar).

This time Hans has made sure that we will have internet access via his cell phone. The last time we went down (4th of July) he had cancelled it and I suffered from major 'lack of internet' withdrawl. So I will post sailing adventures this weekend as opposed to sewing adventures, and believe me there's always something happening when you're on a boat!

On the sewing front, I've ordered Nicole Mallalieu's Teardrop, and Puff purse patterns and they should be arriving shortly so I'll have something to look forward to upon our return!!

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