Friday, February 19, 2010

We are all out for Olympic Curling!!

After cleaning three houses and then getting stuck behind 'Oh My God it snowed two weeks ago and I still don't know how to drive' people (thus turning my quickie drive home into an hour and a half torture), I arrived home from work last night to find Hans lounging on the futon and glued to the TV.

He was watching the Olympic Curling Competition.

He then asked me what I was making for dinner.

He is still among the living.

But apparently Curling isn't just for people, but for pitties also! This is Brinks (appearing on Pitter Patter) and he is currently carrying on a long distance relationship with Hayleigh. They correspond their unrequited love through blogdom and depending upon my state of mind I find them to be sweet (un-PMS) or completely heart breaking (full PMS) .

I start every day by reading Pitter Patter, and my brilliant (?), wonderful, exceptionally smart(?) grand-dog Duncan has been featured on their site two times, yet I still remain humble.

Anyway, this afternoon Baby Girl called me once again and wanted to know if I'd finalized my travel plans. For some reason she thinks I should attend spring break, in Florida, with her and her college lacrosse team this March. Since I had no intention of going, I told her no.

"You're going with us." she stated. "Call First Born (my son) and see if he's coming too."

I called First Born. "What's up?" I asked, and he told me he was watching Curling.

Knowing First Born (a former hockey player), I laughed, "C'mon, you're kidding!"

"I'm one hundred and ten percent positive," he stated. "I love curling; it's fascinating and there's so much strategy!" And then he went on and on about the rules (many), the ice (pebbled), and that he and his friends have been researching the whole sport and fully intend to participate in the 2014 games.

Their future coach weighs 310 pounds and therefor won't be allowed on the ice lest he crack it.

First Born and his closest friends will be the 'team,' and my nephew (past state champion hockey goalie), and a good friend (comic relief) will be the alternates.

We talked a bit about spring break, I ran the dates by him, and he said he'd call me back.

The next thing I knew, he'd booked my flight, using his frequent flier miles, and I haven't even asked for the time off from work yet!

So with Hans and First Born (and Brinks) getting all caught up in the whole Curling thing I decided to watch it too.

I love it!!! I found my heart pounding as fast as their brooms were swishing!!!

It's kind of scary though, like what's next? Bowling? Bass fishing? Watching paint drying?

I don't care, as long as it entertains me!


Kathi D said...

I haven't seen any curling, but my nephew, of Scottish roots, who roots for all things Scottish, says the Scottish curling team uses special rocks that they bring from Scotland.

Did I make it plain that I was talking about Scotland and the Scots?

Schwang said...

We have been following the Pitter=Patter crew and saw the fame of some of our friends. We don't have TV, so we feel so left out of all the Olympic action. It's good to hear some of the news here.

laura said...

Kathi, thank you for clarifying yourself in that last sentence!!

Schwang, There's just something about the Olympics that really makes you feel good about the world for two weeks.