Thursday, February 25, 2010

A tiny little purse, Olympic curling in my apartment, and a cold kitty.

Over at Freebies for Crafters I found a tutorial from Pink Penquin (check out her blog!) for a Puffy Purse.

Gee, that looks easy, I thought and then I proceeded to do my own thing and ended up making a complete mess of it! It's like I just can't leave well enough alone and purposely set my self up for failure! Anyway, in addition to using fabric a bit heavier than called for, I also added fusible batting. This along with 1/4 inch seam allowances set me right up for failure.

It was so bad I didn't even take any pictures of it, and tossed it straight into the trash. But I just had to prove that I could put together this simple little purse so I had another go at it. I dug out a couple of red napkins for my fabric and this time I didn't add any stabilizers to the body of the bag. Alright, I do admit that I added batting to the lining so it wouldn't be too floppy. I also added sewable boning inside the top closure to keep it stiff. Last but not least I sewed a tab with a D ring near the top so that I could add a detachable strap and it now becomes a wristlet.

So here is my keepable version of the Puffy Purse (wouldn't it have been perfect for Valentine's Day!).
Hans looked it over and then remarked that it matches the prostitute dress he bought me for Christmas two years ago.

It wasn't literally a prostitute dress (and is there really such a thing?) but it was red satin and I looked just like an old hooker in it.

I think I'll find something else to wear when carrying this.

A close up of the side with the D ring and strap.

Today our little friends got caught up in the Olympic frenzy and decided to hold a curling competition on our bed.

I couldn't help but notice that their coach (up by the headboard) was asleep on the job!

The Countess von Chlorox feels a bit cheated. By no choice of her own, she was moved from a comfortable home in the suburbs and found herself in a tiny apartment in the Big City with only this lousy heat vent as a sorry substitute for the roaring fire place that was left behind.

Adding insult to injury are my clunky 'outside shoes'; they are totally in her way!

In this old picture, the Countess is the melted mass closest to the fireplace. Behind her is my dearly departed Beast (whom I once caught wearing one of my skirts, and died far too early at the age of 6).

We are getting hit with yet one more nasty winter storm here in our Big City and I'm feeling a bit betrayed (just like the Countess) as I was promised a much warmer climate than the one I left behind!!!



Schwang said...

Countess needs to start thinking of more ways to stay warm.

laura said...

Schwang, that poor cat has turned into a heat whore! I'm constantly finding her all hunkered down in one of my fabric bins, and lately she's taken to sleeping tightly in between me and Hans!

Katie Alender said...

Laura, have you seen the tubes people sew for cats? I'll see if I can look one up. Although I have a feeling it would have a cat half-stuck in both ends if you made one!

LMAO at your curling competition.

Khris said...

Well done on your Puffy Purse...and I love your narration about the Countess...hugs Khris

Kathi D said...

Cute purse! I actually own a Pink Penguin purse from back before she was so famous. I am good at making simple things overly complicated like that first attempt, myself.

I may have to call the authorities to come and see how you are mistreating that poor, poor kitty.

laura said...

Katie, I'd love to see a cat tube but I doubt that Chlorox wants me stuffing her into one made by me!
Thanks Khris, I'll be back for more tutorials!
Kathi, Wow! A pink penguin purse! Oh yeah, this cat has it bad (just yesterday she got a bowl of tuna juice!).

Dog Foster Mom said...

I love your blog - your "little friends" holding the curling competition was hilarious.

laura said...

Dog Foster Mom, if my 'friends' ever need to be rescued from this crazy apartment, I'm sending them your way! What's one more animal anyway?

Cyndi said...

Laura, you sound so much like me. I always have to "improve" on any purse pattern that I attempt, and it usually ends up in the trash - after I de-nude it of all the hardware I wasted on it, of course!

Your description of the "prostitute dress" made me literally laugh out loud, and your Kitty Curling Event is priceless. You are very funny!

Thanks for your visit to my blog and please come back!

Kindest regards,


laura said...

Cyndi, we must always de-nude those failures! And the curling team is frantically gearing up for hockey! They do it all!

gwensews said...

I'm glad to have found your blog. I see you like to make bags. I made my daughyter a "Santa Purse" last holiday season. If you're interestedk stop by my blog and look in November 09 to see it. I'll bge intereted in reading about what you're making. You sound like a hoot!

laura said...

Gwen, I checked out your Santa Purse and it's perfect!!! As for being a hoot? I just march to a different drummer sometimes, that's all!