Monday, November 16, 2009

When harmless fun backfires!

Way back when Hans and I first met, and became an old couple in love (we're now an older couple in love), he gave me a very cute stuffed lion.

This is because Hans is a Leo.

I, on the other hand, am a Pisces but I've yet to give Hans a cute stuffed fish.

Anyway our stuffed animal menagerie has grown over the past five years and now includes lions, bears, reindeer, a beaver, and most recently a draft horse(??), and their stable/den/cave is atop our bed.

The last person up is responsible for making the bed, and I'm embarrassed to admit that this is a Hans thing. Before I met Hans, making the bed was at the bottom of my to do list.

Somewhere along the line 'the animals' (sometimes called animules) have ended up in creative positions on Hans' stepmother's quilt, that adorns our bed.

Sometimes they are in a huddle, or toeing the line as if in a parade. One day I came home to find the tiniest teddy bear sailing a boat (yes, in the middle of the bed!) while the other creatures gazed on in wonder.

Hans was shocked to come home after the boat sailing episode to find all the animals , except for the tiny bear, in a tight circle. The tiny bear was a couple of feet away and, obviously not invited into the inner sanctum.

I knew exactly what Hans was talking about when he rushed into the kitchen and asked, "What's going on?"

"Are you talking about the tiny bear?" I asked as I continued with our dinner preparations.

"You know I am!" He seemed a little upset, and the poor guy hadn't even taken his coat off yet.

So I had to set him straight. "Well it seems that Tiny Bear is a bit of a braggart and the other animals didn't appreciate him going on and on about his sailing adventures. He's in time out!"

Hans has been out of town this week and is due back shortly (this would explain the glut of old movies I've been watching!). And it would also seem the animules have been taking full advantage.

Look at this!!! Vodka, beer, wine, champagne!!!!

Absolutely shocking!

This cute guy was the first lion Hans gave me and this is how he shows his appreciation.

Nose first in a Stella Artois glass.

Hmmm, is that The Countess von Chlorox?

It sure is! She may be live and not stuffed, but she is an animal, and a party is a party!

"This is more fun than pooping on the floor!" the Countess laughs with delight!

Oh yeah? You just wait until the big lion gets home!

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Sewfast said...

Oh so amuse me! Thanks for the laugh!