Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's get busy with a new project.

Halloween is over, Helga has gone home, and I picked up an on sale pattern.

Like I really need any more patterns.

I had yesterday off so I spent the day cutting out and assembling a new bag.
At least I tried to.
I cut out the pattern in the living room and then I headed to the sewing room. But where the hell were the facing pieces? I couldn't find them.
I must have some PMS kicking into gear because I threw a fit and at one point accused the Countess von Chlorox of stealing them. Poor Hans even tried to help. I went through the pattern envelope countless times, and even looked through the Halloween Costume pattern envelopes just in case I stowed them there.
No go.
We then went through the garbage can where I'd thrown my pattern scraps.
I then felt just like a co-worker from years ago who came to work one morning and relived a fight between her and her husband that occurred when she misplaced a carving knife. After an evening of tears and meltdowns, the knife was found behind the faucet, where it had slipped earlier.

Anyway Hans finally found piece # 14 completely balled up in the garbage. Only after 3 more forages through the same damned garbage I came up with piece # 13.
Then I couldn't find my glasses. And where the hell did the cap to my erasable pen go? This happened over and over again.

By the time I had my ducks in a row I could have had the damn thing done.
Then I discovered that the flap is a continuation of the back piece and therein lied my problem. The fabric I wanted to use has words printed on it and for it to flip over the top as a flap meant that it would read upside down.
Can I ever for once in my life do anything the easy way??

Long story short, I made the front and back from the same piece and created a separate flap to be sewn into the back seam so that when it flips over to the front it's not upside down!

I'm using the purse in the lower left corner.

It's huge.

It should probably have a lot of structure.

I'm out of interfacing.

The white handle is for sizing only and won't be on the finished project.

I'm beyond tired.

I got home from work (2 huge houses), met with Vet Tech Girl and my exceptionally smart, grand-dog Duncan the Pit Bull, who can sit, shake hands, and high five, (although not necessarily in that order) had dinner and a bath, and was in my pajamas by 6:15.

Once again I'll blame PMS because I didn't even go to the gym!

I'll think about the structure and stabilizing tomorrow if I have the energy. One of the houses I'm due to clean is a massive 3 story home full of marble and stainless steel!

This whole working thing is interfering with my sewing!


BeeBee said...

Yeah, blame the poor little kitty. And after she's done so much for me. How could accuse that sweet innocent face. And my DH and I once got in a knock-down-drag-out fight over the garbage. Glad you found your pieces, but I think you need some different fabric.

laura said...

First of all, The Countess is far from innocent, and 'ahem' I happen to like my choice of fabric!!!!!!!!

Angelia said...

Working does interfer with sewing..Its high time Hans makes you a kept woman so you can sew more handbags!
I think your purse is going to be awesome... as are all of your purses... but it would be cuter if that was Falcons fabric....