Saturday, November 14, 2009

Damn The Big 4 and Their Pattern Sizing!! #*!^%@

If the pattern companies have to be so far off with the sizing of human patterns, couldn't they be just as 'off' with their pet patterns??!!

The answer is NO!

I made my first attempt at sewing a doggie coat yesterday.

Why am I surprised that it didn't fit?

I'm talking about McCall's 5776.

I bought this pattern (sizes S thru XL) specifically for my grand dog Duncan. I then bought a half yard of fleece for the medium size that I figured he was. He's a very fit and trim 45 pound pit bull (I only wish I had his little wasp waist!).

I managed to get the little stinker to sit still long enough to get his measurements and that's when I found out he's an Extra Large.

Extra Large? What about bigger dogs, like Labs, German Shepard's...?

So now I have a half yard of fabric and I need three quarters, and yes it makes a difference damn it!

Then the pattern cutting layout didn't include the collar. But there is a collar. I ended up piecing it together (off grain no less) but in the end it didn't matter.

And since when does a doggie coat need so much bias tape? Honestly, every stinking opening and seam, needed bias tape.

Unfortunately I have to sew something from the directions the first time out before I can figure out how it can be done differently. The next time, the only seam that will be covered in 'bias tape' will be the neck/collar seam, and I will probably just use a piece of the same fleece.

By the time I was done I didn't need Duncan there to realize that his coat was going to be way too small. Which is funny since when I sew outfits for myself I have to use patterns smaller than my measurements.

I made Vet Tech Girl drag Duncan up to my apartment and together we crammed the poor bewildered thing into his new coat. I can't imagine what he thought we were doing to him, and he was so patient!

He looked like The Incredible Hulk. We couldn't fasten the Velcro at his chest and it was all we coud do to yank the damned thing over his shoulders.

Poor Duncan. He's kind of embarassed in his ill fitting coat. It doesn't look half bad in this picture but believe me it's all an illusion.

Just sniffing around.

He knows that strange cat, The Countess von Chlorox lives here.

(She was hiding under the bed)

A very blurry picture of my poor Guinea pig.

Big smooches from our sweetie anyway.

I tore that coat off Duncan and told Vet Tech Girl to give it to a needy dog at the clinic, and then I went out and bought a full yard of fabric.

I was thinking about trying to enlarge the pattern but I'm not sure if I can do it properly. My brain doesn't compute very well in that area.

Then I got online and found a couple of very cute coats that some sewists have self drafted. One lady is a very thrifty recyler and she turns ugly old people coats into cute and fun pet coats!

So tomorrow I think I'll give this coat thing another try.

Hans is puzzled and says since dogs already have fur they don't need coats.

He just doesn't understand and even if I were to suggest it, I doubt he'd go outside in nothing but his birthday suit in frosty weather to take a whiz.

If he did, then I think he might understand.


Schwang said...

That's so great your sewing your own dog coat. We've found that our pitties have such odd dimensions it's hard to a good fit; they're just too meaty in the neck and chest. Duncan is so lucky to have custom tailored clothing!

laura said...

From what I've been told, the new coat fits! Someday I hope to see it!!

Fran said...

Laura - I laughed out loud at the picture of poor Duncan. I have this pattern and their measurements leave something to be desired - I'm trying for the second time to 'outfit' my "Benji" dog; and it's not like I'm a novice at sewing. Thanks for the giggle.


laura said...

Duncan did look pathetic didn't he? I was able to alter the pattern and his next coat did fit but he doesn't like it and keeps yanking the top open. Velcro is no match for my pitty!

I LOVE YOU said...