Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm so stinking tired, but happy Thanksgiving anyway!

I so wanted to post a picture of my grand dog Duncan, modeling the coat I made for him. But Vet Tech Girl has a very hectic schedule, which means she will be spending Thanksgiving Day at work. Anyway she told me that even though Duncan looks great in his coat, "He doesn't know what to do with it."
Yes, that would be my grand dog.

I had an unbelievably grueling time at my job this week. Two huge houses per day, complete with the crashing sound of glass at the 'house of memorabilia' (I thank God that I wasn't the one involved in that disaster) and we still have no idea what the insurance claim will be!
Post construction clean up at another house....
I feel like someone is wiggling a serrated knife in the small of my back .

Thanksgiving Eve is supposed to be a fun, going out and meeting your friends night... but I crawled home, took a hot bath, and drank too much!

Then I found out that my former Mother-in-law is going to start receiving hospice care as of tomorrow. She has been battling ovarian cancer for about a year and a half and this is not a shock to me but my kids and their dad are having a hard time with it.

Tomorrow we head back to my little swamp town to have Thanksgiving at my parents' house, and then the next day we're off to Toronto to visit Hans' baby brother.

Even when times haven't been very good for me, I've always been thankful. If you have your health, a place to live, and just one person who gives a hoot about you, then you're very lucky indeed.
Sometimes I almost feel guilty but I've got to get past that!

I hope everyone here in the US enjoys this holiday weekend !

And as soon as Duncan figures out what the hell he's doing in his coat, I'll get a picture!

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Kathi D said...

It is a gift indeed to be thankful, even when (or especially when) there are so many things NOT to be thankful for.