Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perhaps Nancy Drew can find my camera cord!

This is very frustrating! I know I had the damned thing on Thanksgiving Day because I took the apron pictures at our hotel. But what happened to it between there, and Toronto, and back home again, I have no idea!

Anyway we had a lovely Thanksgiving, and of course we ate too much but that's what going to the gym is for.

I'm not sure what the fix is for having way to much fun at a cocktail party though.

We arrived in Toronto Friday night just as the caterers were setting up for Baby Brother and Partner's party.

I awoke Saturday morning with a nauseous headache and no memory of putting on my pajamas, let alone removing my contacts.

Hans remembers leaving the party to go lie down but has no idea how he ended up in his WalMart sweatsuit!

Just in case you wondered, we weren't driving, we stayed with our hosts!

I have pictures on my camera and I'm assuming that I took most of them. I know I took the pictures of the very pretty, tall blond, because she was carrying a really cool, pink suede purse. Believe me, if Hans had taken those pictures the purse wouldn't have been the focal point. I also think I gave her Nicole's website info because she said she likes to make purses too. Only I couldn't for the life of me remember how to spell Nicole's name so I wrote You Sew Girl on a sticky note.

At least I hope that's what I wrote!

The morning after the party Baby Brother offered to take me to the fabric district and I was thrilled, but I also knew that even if I was able to get dressed there was no way I could survive a subway trip. But after a dry bagel, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a late morning, early afternoon nap I was ready to go.

We ended up at Designer Fabrics on Queen Street but as it was getting late this was the only store we visited.

That's ok though, I really don't need more fabric, and I just like to pick up a piece here and there on our travels.

Designer Fabrics had a large selection at what I thought were very reasonable prices. It's too bad I'm not into wool because they had some beautiful selections along with soft stretchy spandexy stuff that would be perfect for fitted shirts.

I bought a gun metal gray piece (7/8 yard) of soft buttery suede-like fabric for $6.99. I want to make a purse like the the tall blond was carrying, that I mentioned above. Actually it looks very similar to the Day Bag. I also bought 2 yards of grass-green colored fabric with bright slashes of Japanese like symbols all over it for $7.99/yard.

If I ever get a hold of a camera cord I'll post pictures.

So since I can't show you my pictures, I'll leave you with the one that I stole from Baby Brother. He took it of me when we were in Trier, Germany visiting the family castle.

It's me, on the future jacket of a geriatric Nancy Drew book called, The Case of the Missing Camera Cord."

From the expression on my face, someone had better watch out!


Patty said...

I hope your camera shows up. I know I would be lost without mine

Sewfast said...

I thought I was reading my daughter's blog when I saw your title!!! That's usually her dilemma! Luckily her friend has the same camera, so she borrows it to download her pictures (hopefully she won't lose her cord) Thanks for another great installment Nancy Drew!

BeeBee said...

Good luck with your mystery. Did you check the pockets of the suitcase under the dirty clothes? That's where mine was.
Though perhaps a better title would have been: "Woman saved from fabric buying spree by nasty hangover". Film at 11.